The truth about the injustice through all the years what all people should see!!

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This last video done by Esprit is THE TRUTH,this is all I can say  :) !!! It's THE TRUTH and nothing but THE TRUTH about how people's mind can be poisoned because of hate,negativity,jealousy,bad judgement,mock;all this done to a HUMAN BEING,named Michael Jackson, that all his life has done nothing else but LOVE people and make them happy  :-*  !!!!!
Esprit thank you again for your wonderful videos  /bravo/ !!!

Michael Jackson - The truth about the injustice through all the years what all people should see!

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Oh applehead.......if I were a billionaire....I'd buy all the television outlets, all the social media outlets....every tabloid out there and I'd play this video on air, on the net, on the radio 24/7 .......... I almost want to," say screw the 2012 end of world thing, just please open your eyes to Michael's innocence and truly believe him with all your hearts!"
The one quote from Dame Elizabeth summed it up perfectly:
She said:

"If they had planned an assassination, they couldn't have done it any better."

Truth is, they did plan an assassination.....a character assassination.  They achieved their goal in tearing apart one of the greatest men of character our generation has ever seen.  The Michael Jackson that is talked about in this video, I believe is the true essence of all that he 
Thank you for posting're amazing applehead....I love you!

Blessings Always

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... what wishingstar said.

it's just.. haters gonna hate. They don't want to believe his innocence and suffering,
evil people dragged one of the most innocent humans through hell, and unfortunately
for haters that's "not enough", they wanted him dead in jail, they hate on him even now
when he's dead for the world! I'm so tired, people don't care or simply hate, so much
anger in the world  :cry:
Yes, maybe majority know the truth. But I feel that it's not enough, everyone should
know the truth! It's not 9/11 when we can't flood them with evidence,
it's real deal when evidence of his innocence is openly available - just sit and read,
transcripts and everything. But no, still journalists like to "leave up to you, we'll never know
what really happened!" Heck we DO know that NOTHING happened!  :| Read it, look up FBI
files if you want! I'm a hater of such things  :lol: if there is anything I really really hate
it's sinister misinformation, slander, and the pleasure people find in hating on other people  :|

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  • BE LOVE..LIVE LOVE! I LOVE you all, so very much!
That was powerful and beautifully done. The world needs to see this video, I agree! I'm at a loss for words right now...but Applehead, thanks for sharing this, I LOVE You! You too wishingstar and Aidan...sigh...Poor Michael...The TRUTH must prevail, in the name of LOVE for Michael!!


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