New clues from psychic

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Re: New clues from psychic

  • on: March 01, 2012, 12:34:57 PM
@Darina...I REALLY hope that you will not be deleting your account because of one member's response to you.  You have always been very pleasant and although English is not your first language, I (and others as well) understood exactly what you said in your post...and we KNOW that you did not mean what you were accused of.  I agree with everything WishingStar posted above (love you Wish  ::P)...and like others have stated, I hope you don't allow one person's opinion (especially an inaccurate one) to cause you to leave the forum.

Tink...did you re-read your words?
"If you don't have anything to add nicely, then why bother to add anything at all." Why did you say wasn't very nice.  Just curious.

@Tink...this isn't the first time that you have displayed a bully-ish attitude on the forum....I, personally, have found some of your posts to be downright rude and offensive to other members and to the Jackson family as well.  I'm not sure if it's a personality thing or if you just interpret people as being stupid and/or incapable of thinking for themselves without your help.  Whatever it is, it's not nice...nor is it in line with treating others with respect...especially when they are being respectful....nor is it an accurate portrayal of the MANY brilliant minds on the forum who have contributed so very much.  There's LOTS to be said for being, and remaining, humble at ALL times.  Perhaps you should take your own advice.

With L.O.V.E. always.
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