Release date of Jermaine's book 'You Are Not Alone'

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Release date of Jermaine's book 'You Are Not Alone'

  • on: December 25, 2011, 08:49:03 PM
A friend of mine pointed this out and I didn't see it discussed yet. If so, let me know and I will delete this, but has anyone noticed that Jermaine's book was released on September 13th, which is the anniversary of 2Pac's 'death'? It's not important if you believe he's dead or not, but we all know that probably most people think he's not. Coincidence? Or planned date by Jermaine?

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Thanks for sharing this - I did not know this. If that is the case how can it be that there are 365 days of the year and they choose that particular date? Coincidence? I don't believe in them.  Interesting and something to watch. Jermaine has been really quiet as of late.

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Yeas Souza!
And I think the TITLE of the book says it all - YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!
I cant believe NO ONE is spot that TIME- Front  frame koinkidanz before?!!@
5A to u Soz for excellent job!
I think my words to Jermaine wl b a lot differ on his book signing if THAT info was detected early@@


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