Michael Jackson's efforts to expose the Illuminati.

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I didn't know where to post these videos...
But because they are about Michael trying to expose the Illuminati, I guess this is best fit...

The first 2 are new, the 1st-posted in June 2012, the second in November 2011
The third is by jackieBlue64 posted back in 2010.

Michael Jackson - He tried to warn us !


Michael Jackson warned ppl "They don't care about us." (NWO)


Michael Jackson Warns of Illuminati Dangers In TII

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Published on Jul 8, 2012 by myshinningstar1

 1.RE:Michael Jackson telling you about 9/11 ( four years before it happens) BY The FawkenGuy on Dec 14, 2011 @ http://youtu.be/zJ2TF1DxJJ4

1 . Look at the position of Michael's arms and relate them to a clock face, it is almost 8:50. Now..., when did the´╗┐ first plane hit the tower?............. well it is 08:46, according to official story on Wikipedia.
2 . "Blood On The Dance Floor" and he is wearing a red suit and a black band on his right upper arm which to me shows symbolism of sorrow or someone's death.
3. He is standing on a checkered floor which has a lot of meaning of its own ( seemingly something related to Freemasons, and Freemasonry)
4. There is a drawing or a pattern in grey color on the back of his left fist !
5. There are chains around his two wrists, which seemingly means that he has broken them and is now free .
6. Notice in the phrase "HIStory In The Mix" while all the letters are capital still you will find that the first letters of each word is bigger than the rest, specially the word "HIStory" which you will find all first 3 letters to be bigger than the rest !

2. Bill coopers....Last prediction @ http://youtu.be/lEebVsIae6c
3. Bill Cooper - Zionism @ http://youtu.be/CclUlNEMNE4
4. THREE CITY STATES @ http://www.scribd.com/doc/26566406/The-3-City-States

This is the picture of the cover of Michael jackson's album "Blood On The Dance Floor: HIStory in The Mix" which was released on May / 20th 1997 which is telling you about happening of 9/11 incident.
The link to see a larger picture of this is : http://www.4shared.com/photo/-Hh3lE6C/Michael_Jackson_-_1997_-_Blood.html
*Just make sure you choose the LARGE SIZE on top by hovering over the picture.

And to see how moon looks like on any date see this link : http://www.briancasey.org/artifacts/astro/moon.cgi


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