Lipreading at Forrest Lawn

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Lipreading at Forrest Lawn

  • on: November 17, 2011, 01:05:03 PM
Hi, everybody!
Great homepage... I have been a believer since 3 weeks after his "death", but havn`t found anything you guys didn`t already know :)
Recently I have been trying to lipread one of the guests at the funeral, because I think this is an important clue, but there is some blind spots and I was hoping that you investigaters could help me ;D

It is the female who says something at 5:47.
Here is what I think I can read:
(Yeah.. I`m happy?)
I just woke up and saw it on the tv and I was like (hands in front of face) it was a shock, I couldn`t believe it at first but ...(this part I can`t figure out!!!)... alive, and helped him and got him in the car - together and (together they saved him? :) - I don`t know this part.. ) and then I just cried!

I hope you could help me, because I am stuck!

Kind regards,
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Re: Lipreading at Forrest Lawn

  • on: December 30, 2011, 12:31:21 PM
That would fit into my theory that a disc or two discs blew in his back. Why he grinned, because he fooled everyone, on camera. I'd posted last night, that I theorized that he was taken to Cedars by car, and the ambulance was for the viewers. He'd have MRIs done, to find out how bad. If he needed a multi-level replacement, he couldn't perform dancing or SINGING for quite awhile, because we use the diaphragm muscles. That would derail the entire TII show, and AEG would've been on the hook.
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