Describes the Ten Symptoms experienced by those of us leaving the 3D

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Have you been feeling this way the past few years or recently? bearhug
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Spiritual awakening? I've had all these symptoms ever since I know myself and psychologists call that a depression. Wish it was all for a spiritual awakening or I wish spiritual awakening wasn't this hard.  /pull hair/


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some of the symptoms are called when I'll be about to die I'll be completely awakened :evil:

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This is absolutely a real thing and I can relate with Purelove, I have had some of the symptoms on and off my whole life. I don't think I was ever fully "asleep", and it had a lot to do with my birth I believe. Long story short, my mother didn't know she was pregnant with me until she was 6 months along, and then I was born at 7 months. So I wasn't getting any attention from the outside world nor any hormones that mothers give when they're expecting (I did some research awhile back, can't remember specifics on that). So I think I was almost fully connected to the other side or the spirit dimension right up until birth which was on 11/11. 7th month on 11/11...:)
Anyway. I have very vivid memories of my childhood and I never felt normal. I felt a distinct sense of something being terribly wrong at all times but I couldn't put my finger on it. I was kind of a loner most of the time, unless other kids needed me. I was always the one to console someone who was hurt physically or emotionally and always the first to befriend those who looked lonely. I continued to feel that way all the way up until high school. By then, I had begun to learn a bit how to "fit in" better, but that feeling of being different never went away. Luckily, I met some people along the way who I had these things in common with. But still, my goal was always to try and fit in better and ignore my inner voice.... until June 25th 2009. That day changed me. Well, no it didn't. It just helped me become my true self again. I suppose that's why I always loved Michael Jackson so much in the first place. I was obsessed with him since age 2. I remember telling my mom that he was the only one who really understood me. She thought it was absurd of course. Now, it all makes sense. Back to what this thread is about, I do believe the purpose of this hoax is to offer "awareness, awakening, and hope" to people. I've experienced all of these "symptoms" throughout my life but times 10 the past two years and most dramatically recently. I left my fiance and changed jobs all within the last year. I find it very difficult to tolerate negativity and dishonesty of any form. And I find it much easier than ever to make decisions based on my intuition only. Yes it's difficult and sometimes I feel anxious or depressed, but when I embrace those feelings and listen to my inner voice and do something about it, I end up feeling more refreshed and prepared to deal with whatever happens next. I believe that I chose this existence. I am human but I'm much more than that, as is everyone else, but it doesn't do any good when left dormant. I've found that my diet and exercise habits greatly helps keep me on the right path. If any of you are experiencing these awakening symptoms, make sure to eat fresh, "clean" food and listen to your body when it craves movement, and it doesn't have to be strenuous. I'm a big fan of yoga and dancing. Also, if you have children in your life..sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, cousins...make a point to spend more time with them, doing whatever they want to do. I understand why Michael loves children so much. They aren't only innocent, but still very much connected to where we all came from and it's crucial that we nourish that connection in them and in doing so, it helps us remember the truths that we've been conditioned to forget. Feel free to PM me if you want to chat and share experiences during this amazing time. We are truly lucky to be apart of this time in history. :)
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I also saw on a video that a common symptom was lower back pain.  I had that really bad the last couple of years, but the last 5 or 6 months it's been much better.   I was going to a chiropractor every few weeks but haven't had to go in a long time. 


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ARGH! I wanted to joke, but some of what they say, seems to relate to my Migraines, lower back pain, and Migraine Auras. Told to exercises, but my back hurts so much! Okay, I feel like a mousey in a maze, not some cosmic experience. Seems like I'm not in my 20s anymore!
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