Michael Jackson death hoax - The Conrad Murray documentary and "born again"

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Hy to all  :)!!!
First of all I have to be honest and admit that I didn't saw Murray documentary . As days goes by it's pretty clear to me that this hoax is a LIFE OF AN ICON movie,and like a cake needs INGREDIENTS in order to be cooked,so this hoax needs his own ingredients,to be done  geek/ .So let's see what kind of "INGREDIENTS" we need.I think that we need some DRAMA,SUSPENCE,COMEDY,SCIENCE FICTION and most of all alot of LOVE  ;) 8-)!!!
Esprit's videos are awesome,isn't it  geek/???? She is very talented and has researched alot ,that's why I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart  :)  respect/!!!

Michael Jackson death hoax - The Conrad Murray documentary and "born again"

Before I go I want ask the people who saw Murray documentary if they noticed THE FLOWER that was also present at LIFE OF AN ICON premiere   :shock: albino/????

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In my country of Canada, November 11 is Remembrance Day and almost everybody wears a poppy exactly like that, at least in public to honor the veterans.

Weird hands.

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  • Dream on!
    • Yeah just Mangabullet or something...
If you mean the Poppy that they are wearing, that's a symbol of remembrance day over in England. After the Wars stopped, there was thought nothing would grow over the horrible mess that occurred on the land. To our suprise Poppies grew over the Battlefields.

Wearing artificial Poppies is a sign of respect for all who've died, not just in the Wars either.

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  • To die would be an awfully big adventure.
9 9 9 is also in the documentary and 29/11/11 is also 11/11/11 which is an interesting date. Amazing video.  /bravo/

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  • MJ & ELVIS are ALIVE ~ TRUTH always prevails!

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Dr. Murray is truly a very sick man!

sorry, but when "conrad murray" was cursing, i was laughing. lol.it sounded funny.  :thjajaja121:

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Great! fantastic video:)  :multiplespotting:
It is all coming together:
I have seen this but now I really see it:)
Love will conquer all;)   


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