Jermaine Jackson Speaks About the Trial

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Jermaine Jackson Speaks About the Trial

  • on: November 10, 2011, 07:55:19 AM

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Re: Jermaine Jackson Speaks About the Trial

  • on: November 10, 2011, 08:32:35 AM

Thanks for posting this vid.
A few things I noticed after watching the vid:

>Ellen talks about Michael's voice on the tape, and Jermaine reacts why this voice was intentionally taped by CM in the first place. Good question. Maybe CM was ordered to tape his voice or had plans with it. This should be the focus. And not Ellen's question why nobody noticed that MJ was addicted. Jermaine stresses again that MJ was not an addict. On the tape he was sedated (maybe after a medical treatment or smthg).
>And again the Children's Hospital is mentioned, which is good, because it gets attention, one of the main reasons of the hoax.
>The last time they were together in May before Michael "passed" he sang "Fly Away" together with Michael. In the lyrics there's a part that says: "You know we'll never part" and "together we'll fly" and Jermaine complimented him, which could mean that he knows and agreed to his plans.
>Plus, Jermaine talks about a 2 years sentence. Could this be a slip up, or is it a prediction he randomly made, that CM's sentence will be softened on Nov. 29, because CM's attorney will challenge the verdict (i.o.w. Jermaine already knows what will happen)  8-)

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The Illusion777

  • on: November 10, 2011, 09:01:51 AM
I know this is off topic but I am new here and I couldn't find where I could start a new topic  :cry: so if someone can explain how I can do that, please do  ;)

And move this topic if necessery.

Remember when this TheIllusion777 or what his name was, was active, on twitter and had a blog? A few months back.
Then his blog got "hacked" and the whole thing got shut down and he was never heard of again.

Well, he did say some stuff that is now for a while actually been going on/happening.

He said that there would be a few documenteries coming out before MJ will do a comeback, to clear his name and make people understand him and WHY he had to do what he did.

First this trial that was just weird at some points and somewhat revealing.
Now this Murray documentery coming up.
The books Jermaine and La Toya have done.

I can't shake that illusion guy he keeps popping back up sometimes when all this is going on, and he said that the comeback, he could not give a specific date because of surtain things.
Either he was very lucky with all this or he was real.
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Re: Jermaine Jackson Speaks About the Trial

  • on: November 10, 2011, 12:18:46 PM
Thanks for posting this Lorela.  Well, Jermaine clearly speaks of 'two years' as if Murray's already been sentenced. Even at the beginning of the interview he says 'it wasn't enough time'. Hmmm

He also says: 'There's a wrongful death coming up in September' - did I hear that correctly?

I think he's on the wrong page of the script! Or not!


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