3 videos relating to MJ, the Bible and Astrology

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3 videos relating to MJ, the Bible and Astrology

  • on: October 19, 2011, 01:15:58 AM
I watched these videos and found them intriguing. They start off with ancient Egypt and symbols that we have all seen in MJ's life/hoax. At one point the narrator says, "This is it." lol  It relates to African/Egyptians origins of African Americans, links through slavery, using the Matrix as a style of delivery of his message. As the videos progress, the discussion is about the source of Christianity and even the Old Testament being rooted ALL in Egypt.

I know that I have noticed a definate pointing in this MJ hoax to Egypt, with some hints of Christians themes, but by no means pushing a get saved in Jesus agenda. MJ includes the Mayan calendar and bringing love back to the world not through any religion. These videos seem similar to his philosophy in some ways. I agree about the black origins of the Biblical people, but all the rest I'm just on the fence, but open.  Humans have and are very creative and inventive, borrowing concepts from previous writings. This can be packaged so well, and so convincingly, and we all throughout history as humans, can become so arrogant thinking our way is right and everyone else should believe the same way. Some will spread their beliefs by force, especially if they are in positions of power.



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