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Message From MJ Estate : "Regarding Michael's Wishes - Children's Charities"

We all know how much Michael cared about children and children’s charities, among his many causes, and we also know that many of Michael’s fans want to honor him by making charitable donations or volunteering their time to help others. We have received many inquiries from concerned and caring fans looking for information to help them in making their choices in this regard.

Although we are not at liberty to provide any details at the present time, we can say that the Executors are very much looking forward to sharing with the fans (and the world at large) the way in which they intend to implement Michael’s wishes under his will to have a certain portion of his estate benefit children’s charities. The process is underway but there are many steps that have to be taken before the announcement can be made. Bear with us, keep your faith, commitment and patience.

Just know that this is an important concern and focus for the Estate.

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Well, that sounds so Michaelish...doesn't it?

I love, love, love the movement that MJ's absence has caused where people want to help by donating funds or time to charity. I know people should have been doing it all along but if one person can create a movement like this I think it's awesome.

So, the Estate can't share yet but plans are underway. Hmmm...will we be seeing what plans they have for Neverland? Or, perhaps that Children's Hospital that was deliberately fed to us last week? Very interesting.

Thank you for sharing this with us. I find this awesome.

PS - I wonder what has become of MJ's Heal The World Foundation?
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I found this part interesting
Bear with us, keep your faith, commitment and patience

another clue perhaps especially today after the pic was released?

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Interesting.... I can't wait.


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