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9/27/2011 8:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray
Arrives at Court

It begins ... Dr. Conrad Murray just rolled up to the L.A. criminal courthouse with his massive entourage, looking sedate in a gray pinstripe suit.

Katherine, Joe, and Jermaine Jackson arrived moments later. All that's missing is a red carpet.

Opening statements kick off around 8:30 AM.

9:30 AM: Janet Jackson also arrived to court, alongside her brother Randy. LaToya arrived soon after, holding a flower.

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Celebrity Justice50 minutes ago BY TMZ STAFF

People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray
Defense Claims
Michael Jackson Killed Himself

Ed Chernoff -- Defense Attorney's Opening Statement[/b]
Updated 9/27/11 at 11:00 AM

Dr. Conrad Murray's attorney Ed Chernoff told the jury Michael Jackson caused his own death.

* Chernoff says the evidence will show MJ swallowed 8, 2 mg pills of Lorazepam.
* And Chernoff says MJ self-injected a dose or Propofol that created a "perfect storm" that killed him.
* There was no way to save MJ. He died instantly.
* Chernoff told the jury what TMZ has reported for the last year -- that the centerpiece of the defense case is that Michael's death is on Michael -- not Dr. Murray.
* Chernoff also said MJ "had a problem" that no amount of determination could overcome, even with his talent, and without help he could not do the "This Is It" tour -- a tour that would score him more money than he had ever made on tour before.
* So, Chernoff says, Michael went doctor shopping.
* Dr. Murray is not a "celebrity doctor" -- he's a cardiologist who saves lives.
* The defense will put some of Dr. Murray's patients on the stand to show his level of care. He would buy prescriptions for people who couldn't afford it and would generally go well above the standard of care expected of a doctor -- which contradicts prosecutors who call him greedy and reckless. Murray seemed to tear up as he listened to Chernoff.

* Murray treated MJ for several problems, including toe fungus and a broken foot.
* Chernoff said Murray had no idea at the time that MJ had a much deeper problem
* MJ didn't have insomnia -- he had "an absolute, total and thorough inability to sleep."
* When Murray met with detectives 2 days after MJ's death, he thoroughly answered every question. It was no holds barred and they hid nothing.
Chernoff said Murray told cops, "I don't know what killed Michael Jackson. I want to know also."
* Michael Jackson told Murray the only way he could sleep was with Propofol and he always took Propofol.
MJ told Murray exactly how it was to be administered. He even had a nickname for the drug -- milk. MJ knew Lidocaine was essential in administering Propofol to prevent a burning sensation.
* MJ told Murray he would use Propofol with or without Murray, so Murray then agreed to provide Propofol.
* Dr. Murray provided Propofol for 2 months for MJ, and during that time the singer slept, woke up, and lived his live -- suggesting it wasn't negligent to administer the drug.
* The evidence is going to show is that Michael Jackson died when Dr. Murray stopped. Murray told cops he believed his role was to find a way to help MJ sleep normally, urging him to get off Propofol.
* In other words, Murray was trying to ween MJ off Propofol and give him other, more traditional sedatives. And, on June 22, 3 days before MJ died, Michael agreed to let Murray to try to get him off Propofol. And on that day Murray gave MJ half the Propofol he had been giving him. And it worked. MJ slept.
* On June 23, Murray gave MJ NO Propofol at all, giving him other drugs instead. And, on the day MJ died, the plan was not to give Propofol. It was to go to other sedatives. That's why in the recording,MJ pleads for the Propofol. That's why Murray gave him other drugs instead during the night.
* Chernoff says MJ had certain "personality traits." He kept various people in life life separate from one another.
* Chernoff will present an addiction specialist, who will testify DR. ARNOLD KLEIN ADDICTED MICHAEL JACKSON TO DEMEROL.
* Things were so serious 5 days before Michael Jackson died, reps from AEG and others had a meeting at MJ's house and talked about "pulling the plug" on the tour. And subsequently MJ made it clear to Murray -- he needed to sleep or the tour would go down in flames.


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Fans wait in line to get a seat for the trial
Posted: 12:28 PM ET

About 30 people waited in line this morning outside the L.A. County courthouse, hoping to get one of the six spots and four stand-by seats in courtroom to watch opening statements and the first day of testimony in Conrad Murray’s involuntary manslaughter trial.

Some of the fans have identified themselves with armbands similar to what Michael Jackson used to wear, but the court's public information officer has told people waiting in line they have to cover up any insignias.

Among the winners of the coveted public seat tickets, Erin Jacobs from Justice 4MJ, a fan from Australia, a reporter from Chilean media.

Gallery: Supporters and protestors outside the courthouse
Posted: 01:39 PM ET

Read the rest of this entry ».

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Transcript of prosecution's Michael Jackson recording
Posted: 01:25 PM ET

During his opening statement, prosecutor David Walgren played part of an audio recording of Michael Jackson discussing his upcoming "This Is It" tour.

Walgren says Jackson was “highly under the influence of unknown agents” when Murray made the recording on his iPhone on May 10, 2009.

Here is a transcript of the recording:“We have to be phenomenal. When people leave this show, when people leave my show, I want them to say, “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. Go. Go. I’ve never seen nothing like this. Go. It’s amazing.
He’s the greatest entertainer in the world. I’m taking that money, a million children, children’s hospital, the biggest in the world, Michael
Jackson’s Children’s Hospital.”

Walgren says there is more on the recording, and promises the entire thing will be played later in the trial.


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Celebrity Justice
25 minutes ago BY TMZ STAFF


Michael Jackson's Death Photo
Frightening Intentions?

It seems the prosecution wanted to give the Michael Jackson death photo a murky, gritty treatment before it was presented in court this morning -- because it was clearly touched up to look as daunting as possible.

It appears the photo is NOT the original pic -- because now it includes a tattered border, a morgue-esque green hue ... and the word "Homicide" printed over MJ's body in a grainy, police-style font.

The prosecution used the photo as the background for a slide-show presentation in court.

Compare the pic to a cleaned up version of the photo (below) -- is the murky photo more likely to shake the jury?

We gotta ask ...

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Lou Ferrigno
Michael Seemed Fine to Me

Lou Ferrigno -- Michael Jackson's friend and fitness guru for decades -- tells TMZ MJ showed no signs of physical distress during workouts, as recently as 2 weeks before the singer died.

Lou's account differs from some of the statements in court -- that Michael was deteriorating in the weeks before his death.

Lou says two weeks before Jackson died, he went to MJ's home and trained him for an hour. Michael did cardio on the treadmill, used the exercise ball, worked with some light weights, completed a bunch of core exercises, and did a lot of stretching.

Lou says Michael's energy level was very good, but he did complain that he was upset because he was having trouble sleeping.

Lou says he had been training Michael 2 to 3 times a week for the tour ... and aside from seeming "very stressed out," he appeared in good health.

And this is eerie ... Lou says as he left Michael's house the last time -- two weeks before MJ's death -- Jackson said, "Take care of yourself."
Lou said, "I'm going to see you next week." Michael just repeated, "Take care of yourself." Lou feels Michael knew something bad was about
to happen.

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October 6th 2011 ( Day 8 )

People's 162: A photograph of the saline bag, IV stand,
              and depressed plunger attached to the Y-connector

People's 163: Close-up of the syringe hanging from infusion set

People's 164: photograph of BOSE radio player and a CD

People's 165: June 25th 2009 photograph taken of bathroom;
              black jacket with orange lining on floor

People's 166: bathroom from different angle (from closet?)

Walgren references peoples 117 (the syringe with no needle attached),
and then references peoples 120 (close-up of the catheter found on the ground).

Elissa Fleak mischaracterized the items as a "broken syringe"; the parts do not go together.
There is nothing broken or defective on either of the items.

The 10cc syringe has a circular tip; the catheter has a square tip.
They do not belong together/ they do not fit together.

Elissa Fleak's thumbprint found on 10cc syringe.

Elissa Fleak subpoenaed CM for medical records; none of the records obtained
pertained to the events surrounding June 25th 2009 nor the care provided 
around May/June of 2009.

People's 161: Subpoenaed Medical Records

No allergies/Drug reactions
"NO" Blood Products (religion)
no known allergies:

Medication Log "Omar Arnold (MJJ)":

1/11/06 (January 1st 2006) "Omar Arnold":

1/31/07 (January 31st 2007) Insurance Card:

1/11/08 (January 11th 2008 ) Paul Farnce (MJJ):

2/1/07 (February 1st 2007) Dr. John Code/Cole?:

1/31/07 (January 31st 2007) MEDCO Insurance Card:

Fax Cover Sheet:

Blank Form/Financial Policy:

Blank Patient Consent Form:

Medical Publication / Depigmenting Agent:

(didn't screen cap next page):


Paul Farance (MJJ)
DOB: 8/8/2008  lolol/
Exam Date November 13th 2007 (11/13/07) :

11/13/07  "11:11"

Patient Michael Jackson
DOB: 08/29/58 August 29th 1958
DOS: 09/29/08 September 9th 2008
insomnia but otherwise great health:

Handwritten notes patient Omar Arnold:

2/1/08 (February 1st 2008 ) Patient Michael Jackson
                        cough, nasal congestion, chills,
                        "All in family sick":

4/12/07 (April 12th, 2007) Patient Michael Jackson

3/07/07 (March 7th 2007) Patient Michael Jackson

3/07 (March 2007) Handwritten progress notes Patiant Omar Arnold (MJJ)
[same page] 4/12/07 (April 12th 2007)
[same page] 3/1/08 (February 1st 2008 )

07/24/06 (July 24th 2006) Patient Michael Jackson

7/24/06 (July 24th 2006) Patient Omar Arnold,
                   handwritten notes
01/11/06 (January 11th 2006) Patient Michael Jackson   


01/11/06 (January 11th 2006) Handwritten notes for
                      Patient Omar Arnold

Handwritten notes "Michael"   

2/10/07 (February 10th 2007) Prescriptions   
                     Omar Arnold/ Paul France


Exam Date: January 17th 2007 "Echocardiograph Report"                  
Last Name: JACKSON      First Name: MICHAEL
Last Modified: January  19th 2007  12:15:45am

Exam Date: January 17th 2007 "Echocardiograph Report"                  
Last Name: OMAR      First Name: ARNOLD
Last Modified: January  19th 2007  12:15:45am

Exam Date: November 13th 2007 - MRI right wrist (tower saint john's imaging)
Patient Paul Farance
DOB: 08/08/2008

Second page of MRI - FARANCE, PAUL
DOE: 11/13/2007 (November 13th 2007)
Validated and Electronically signed 11/13/2007 11:11

Exam Date: November 13th 2007 - MRI right knee (tower saint john's imaging)
Patient Paul Farance (MJJ)
DOB: 08/08/2008

Steinberg Diagnostics Medical Imaging Centers
Exam Date: 3/26/07 (March 26th 2007)
Patient: Michael Jackson

Steinberg Diagnostics Medical Imaging Centers
Exam Date: 3/26/07 (March 26th 2007)

Exam Date: November 13th 2007 (tower saint john's imaging)

These records represent completely and entirely all the records related to
MJ provided by CM to Elissa Fleak through his attorney Ed Chernoff.

June 25th 2009 - Elissa Fleak was in charge of collecting and chronicling evidence,
            in conjunction with LAPD, & a crime scene photographer.

June 29th 2009 - She returned to the scene because Detective Smith told her there
             was additional medical evidence to collect from a room to the side of the bedroom.
             Detective Smith was told there were bags in a closet.

Chernoff reviews People's exhibit 128, 129, 134, 135

Elissa Fleak took the bags from the closet, took pictures of them, their contents,
then laid the contents out on the table (Chernoff shows defense exhibit M)

Defense M: crumbled packaging from the blue costco bag

Defense N: another picture taken of the same items

Defense O: another picture, items moved around

Chernoff reviews people's 28 (photograph of 100mL propofol bottle  on top
                  of the saline bag)
EF did not indicate the propofol bottle was inside the saline bag in her June 29th notes.   

Chernoff reviews people's 100: asks about flumazenil bottle and where she found it (she found it
                     on the floor).

Chernoff reviews people's 116: flumazenil is shown on the table, even though she reportedly found it on
                    floor. EF says she found the flumazenil on the floor and then moved it
                    to the table prior to the documentation of this photo.
Chernoff reviews people's 117: photo of the 10cc syringe; EF found it on the table as is, so why
                     is her thumbprint on it? She doesn't know.
Chernoff reviews people's 115: photo of oxygen tank on dolly, ambu bag on floor; points out EF's mistake
                    of calling the catheter a broken off needle.                        


Defense P: defense's angle of the ambu bag and catheter on the floor, corner of the couch showing.

Defense Q: photograph of the side of the bed, latex gloves on couch,
         oxygen tank on a dolly, ambu bag and catheter on the floor
         EF saw the latex gloves on the floor, yet they are pictured on the couch.

Defense R: Close Up photograph of the gloves on the couch

Chernoff shows a picture of the saline bag, with water droplets.
(I don't know if this is an exhibit or just a picture he pulled up
on his ipad)

Chernoff reviews people's 19: blueprints of the second floor

Ed Winters mentioned the bathroom on the 25th.
Ed Winters investigated the bathroom on the 26th.

Defense S: Urine bottle on the chair (also people's 125)

Defense T: wider shot of the the chair w/the bottle of urine on it

Defense U: even wider bedroom shot, urine bottle on chair

Defense V: EF standing in a doorway, hallway

Defense W: Outside (front?) of the residence, EF, police, cars

Defense X: close-up shot of prescription bottles, bayer aspirin,
           and fiji water

Defense Y: black bag containing starline blood pressure cuff, bottles (June 29th)

Chernoff reviews people's 162: the saline bag on the IV stand,
                         syringe attached, depressed plunger

Defense Z: IV line from a different angle, the tubing moved positions when compared
            to people's exhibit 162; you can also see the starline box on the dresser.

Digital copy of People's 162 from Chernoff's ipad:   

Defense AA: another angle of the same area; picture of Paris has been straightened out,
         DVD cover no longer covered by a book; can clearly see the tubing dangling/
         wrapped around a knob on the IV stand. Not moved by EF.
         None of this (IV stand with the saline bag with the syrine and tubing)
         was described in EF's notes, initial report, nor investigative narrative.

         EF collected medical records from:
         - Dr. Murray
         - Dr. Arnold Klein
         - Dr. Allan Metzger
         - Dr. David Adams
         - Dr. Mark Tadrissi
         - Dr. David Slavit
         - Dr. Randy Rosen
         - Nurse Cherilyn Lee
         - UCLA Medical Center
         - Dr. Koplin (???)
         - Dr. Hoefflin (???)

         Side Note (not mentioned):
            - Michael Joseph Jackson
            - Omar Arnold
            - Paul Farance
            - Paul Farnce
            - Bryan Singleton
            - Mike Jackson
            - Mick Jackson
            - Mic Jackson
            - Jack London
            - Michael Amir Williams Muhammad
            - Jimmy Nicholas
            - Blanca Nicholas
            - Roselyn Muhammad
            - Prince Jackson
            - Faheem Muhammad
            - Frank Tyson
            - Fernand Diaz
            - Peter Madonie
            - Josephine Baker
            - Kai Chase
               as listed in the search warrant {http://abcnews.go.com/images/US/ht_Scan001_090730.PDF}
         EF took the "people's 104" photograph, did not collect juice bottle.
         *Judge Pastor's idea to go "BB" instead of "AB".

Defense BB: Naked Juice Bottle

         EF the only one collecting evidence on the 25th.
         EF doesn't recall taking the picture in defense BB.

         June 27th - before returning to scene on the 29th, EF wrote down a description of the IV stand,
         IV tubing, saline bag, and the syringe in case notes; EF had them photographed on the 25th
         then upon returning to the scene on june 29th, EF took custody of those items and brought them
         into coroner's evidence as medical evidence #2
         March 29th 2011, EF reviewed items in company of Walgren and Dr. Rogers at which time Dr. Rogers
         indicated the item on the floor was an IV Catheter; it was then that EF found out the catheter
         did not fit onto the syringe.
Defense CC: (same as people's 135)

         in this case, EF felt it necessary to take a picture of the plastic bag inside the blue costco bag to document it,
         but did not feel it necessary to document the bottle of propofol inside the saline bag. (as shown in people's 28)

Defense DD: picture of the outside of the house?

Defense EE: prescription pill bottles on a ledge

Defense FF: picture of the bathroom

People's 167: three page stipulation regarding fingerprints

         "Fingerprint analysis was conducted in this case by the LAPD
         crime lab. The following is a summary of the fingerprint analysis

         People's 30 (LAPD item #106) the 100mL propofol vial had one left
         index fingerprint; this left index fingerprint was matched to
         defendant Conrad Murray.
         People's 118 (LAPD item #142) the syringe had one thumbprint;
         this thumbprint was matched to coroner investigator Elissa Fleak.
         The following item was printed, four identifiable fingerprints were
         obtained from the item, no identification was made. That item being:
         people's 29 (LAPD item #110) the saline bag with cut.
         The following items were printed, two identifiable fingerprints were
         obtained from these items, no identification was made. Those items
         being: people's 156 (LAPD item #112) saline bag and people's 102
         (LAPD item #104) a 20 mL propofol vial.
         The following item was printed, one identifiable fingerprint was
         obtained from the item, no identification was made. That item being:
         people's 136 (LAPD item #107) a 20mL propofol vial.
         In regards to items people's 29, people's 156, people's 102, and
         people's 136 just mentioned the following individuals were manually
         compared to the identifiable fingerprints and were eliminated as
         the source of the fingerprint(s). Those people being:
            - Conrad Murray
            - Michael Jackson
            - Alberto Alvarez
            - Michael Amir Williams
            - Faheem Muhammad
            - Mark Goodwin
            - Scott Smith
            - Martin Blount
            - Jimmy Nicholas
            - Blanca Nicholas
            - Elissa Fleak
            - Kai Chase
         The following items were printed and no fingerprints were obtained.
         This means, although the items may have been touched or handled, no
         fingerprints were obtained that could be used for either identification
         or elimination. These items being:
         - people's 138 (LAPD item #108) 2 midazolam vials
         - people's 137 (LAPD item #109) 1 lorazepam vial
         - people's 132 (LAPD item #113) 2 lidocaine vials
         - people's 132 (LAPD item #114) 1 lidocaine vial
         - people's 150 (LAPD item #116) eyedrops
         - people's 149 (LAPD item #117) tube marked BQ/KA/RA
         - people's 148 (LAPD item #118) bottle of marked ephedrin/caffeine/asprin
         - people's 142 (LAPD item #119) 2 100mL propofol vials
         - people's 143 (LAPD item #120) 7 20 mL propofol vials
         - people's 144 (LAPD item #121) 2 lidocaine vials
         - people's 144 (LAPD item #122) 1 lidocaine vial
         - people's 147 (LAPD item #123) 2 lorazepam vials
         - people's 146 (LAPD item #124) 4 flumazenil vials
         - people's 145 (LAPD item #125) 3 midazolam vials
         - people's 157 (LAPD item #112) IV Tubing
         - people's 158 (LAPD item #112) IV y-connector tubing
         - people's 159 (LAPD item #112) Syringe w/needle "

another stipulation: Next witness Dan Anderson (supervising criminalist in forensic
                laboratories of LA county coroner's office) is qualified and capable
               of testifying to all the toxicology results in this case and that
               should he testify to the results obtained by other analysts and
               criminalists, defense counsel would be waiving any hearsay objection
               to such testimony.


Anderson used the blood vials provided by EF to run toxicology examinations   
(patient ID# 3975944) "Trauma Gershwin" as well as autopsy specimens.

EF hand-delivered the speciments to Anderson.

People's 168: Forensic Science Laboratories: Laboratory Analysis Summary Report
8-page report; Dated July 15th 2009


(some screen caps of the first page)

People's 169: Summary of Positive Findings

   The only thing found in his blood/urine was Propofol, Lidocaine, Diazepam,
   Nordiazepam, Lorazepam, Midazolam (Versed?), Ephedrine
   No demerol in his system.


Peoples 170: Diagram

   A: Saline Bag (p. 156)
   B: Syringe (p. 159)
   C: Y Connector ( p. 158)
   D: Short Tube (p. 158)
   E: Clear Tip  (p. 160)      Cut the tip for possible DNA matches
   F: Long Tube (p. 157)
   G: White Clamp (p. 157)
   H: White Thumb Clamp (p. 157)
   I: IV Bag Plug (p. 157)
      goes into IV Bag

People's 171: 7/15/09 (July 15th 2009)

           Medical Evidence #1
           Medical Evidence #2
           what was found on the IV aparatus
           no drugs in saline bag

Defense GG: "Pactox" Laboratory Report
         Lorazepam 634 ng/mL = 0.634ug/ml

Defense HH:   photograph of the IV stand

         Dan Anderson did a toxicology report of the IV
         (Medical Evidence #2)
         No lidocaine in IV
         propofol, lidocaine, flumazenil were found in the syringe

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Some notes and screencaps taken on October 11th, 2011 (Day 10)

people's 197: Murray's Police Interview on June 27th 2009
           at the Ritz Carlton Hotel
           In the interview, CM didn't mention any of the phone calls
           he made.
people's 199: "conrad murray" business card recovered on June 26th from master bath

people's 200: "david j. adams" business card recovered on June 26th from master bath           

people's 201: three vials of the dermatological cream "Latanoprost"
           recovered from master bath prescribed by Dr. Arnold Klein

people's 202: benoquin cream prescription label recovered on June 26th from master bath   

June 29th 2009 - search warrants executed @ 100N Carolwood Dr.
             & towyard where CM's car had been compounded.
             they found the AEG contract and business cards in CM's car
             no propofol bottles found.
July 22nd 2009 - next search warrant @ "acres home heart and vascular"
             Dr. Murray's office in houston TX and @ self-storage unit
             under CM's name.            
             no propofol bottles or vials recovered.
July 28th 2009 -  next search warrant @ home, office, & storage unit
              in Las Vegas belonging to CM
              no propofol bottles found.
August 11th 2009 - search warrant for Las Vegas, Nevada @ "applied pharmacy services"
               invoices and shipment records recovered that showed shipments addressed
               to Nicole Alvarez
August 13th 2009 - search warrant @ the house of Nicole Alvarez in Santa Monica            
               no propofol bottles recovered
            no medical records recovered pertaining to the months of April, May, or June
            in any of these searches

people's 203: still photograph taken from the surveillance video;
           UCLA waiting area June 25th 2009 3:27 pm
           depicting Detective Porsche walking past CM in
           the waiting room. 


people's 204: another still photograph of the surveillance footage   

people's 205: ambulance arriving @ UCLA; Walgren identifies CM
           by his white shirt and khaki pants
defense PP: A picture of the bed MJ was found on

defense QQ: Another picture of the bed MJ was found on
        (no urine bottle; different day?)

defense RR: A picture of the side of the bed, oxygen tank, ambu bag

defense SS: different angle, ambu bag moves, oxygen tank missing
         bed sheets have been moved
      it was the coroner's decision to leave the house open; if they truly
      wanted to close the house, they would have placed a coroner's seal on
      the doors
      example: (from google not court)

      Detective Porsche asked CM if he would sign a death certificate
      CM would not sign the DC because an autopsy needed to be performed
      Lieutenant Strenk (from LAPD) contacted Ed Winters (from coroner's office)
      and said to stop looking into other doctors, specifically Arnold Klein b/c
      they had other "entities" looking into Dr. Klein
      LAPD and Coroner were assigned "Dr. CM and the homocide case".
      DEA and other agencies assigned "other doctors".
August 7th - meeting at coroner's office: Dr.  Lakshmanan, DA Bill Hodgman (William Hodgman?)
          DA Joey Esposito (Joseph Esposito?), Dan Anderson supervisor in toxicology,
          Jamie Lintemoot, Detective Dan Myers, Orlando Martinez, & Dr Selma Calmes
          the coroner's anesthesiology consultant.   

June 29th 2009 - 1 saline bag & 100mL propofol bottle recovered in costco bag.
             a bottle of lorazepam was found in an empty IV bag's outer wrapping
             (what is shown in people's 140, the bag containing all of the debris;
              also shown in defense exhibit M, the plastic bag on the farthest right)
Photographs were taken on June 25th, June 26th, June 29th, August 20th, & August 28th of 2009   

Det. Scott Smith recovered and booked 14 minutes of surveillance video from MJ's house.
It depicts the arrival of a BMW shortly before 1:00am, a large escalade-type vehicle,
then CM's vehicle and then two large escalade-type vehicles arriving.

Walgren shows People's 6

         & detective Scott Smith points out the approximate locations of the 5
         working exterior cameras (6 cameras total, only 5 working).

            - the 1st is located near the gate/keypad (lower left corner of the photograph)
            - another located near the garage along the street (upper left corner of photo)
              but it's an inoperative camera; the camera is also located near a keypad.
            - 2nd & 3rd: on the back of the residence on either side, facing towards the pool &
            - 4th camera (right-side of the photo) pointing along the exterior perimeter,
              pointing away from the house
            - the last working camera located on the front of the house facing the gate

defense TT: Detective Scott Smith's notes taken on June 29th 2009
         of the blue costco bag's contents

defense UU: More notes of the "dk. blue bag" contents (costco bag); smith did not note
         the 100mL propofol's location, but he did in the prior note (defense TT?).
         Walgren points out that Det. Smith didn't personally see the propofol in "the
         cut saline bag" and that is why he did not document it as such.

         Chernoff goes back to Lt. Strenk's conversation with Ed Winters; the police chrono
         (written by Lt. Strenk) reflects when Strenk had the conversation, but does not show
         the reason why he wanted Ed Winters to stop investigating other doctors.
         Chernoff shows Det. Smith a copy of the police chronology on his ipad.

         Back to the Det. Smith's notes:
         Det. Scott Smith mistakenly described the item as an "empty IV bag", when it was actually
         just the plastic wrapping that carried the IV bag.
         Det. Scott Smith mistakenly described the "pulse oximeter" as a " pulse monometer".
         August 20th - the decision to divide up the labor for the investigation; meeting with
         DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) and BNE (Bureau of Narcotic Encforcement) to decide who
         would be best suited to look at various doctors for possible violations. "LAPD will
         handle all matters involving Dr. Murray; DEA will handle all matters involving Dr. Klein
         and Mickey Fine's pharmacy. Special Agent Sara Simpson from BNE will call (??) to let them
         know if BNE will investigate other doctors mentioned at the meeting for possible violations".
         Dr. Arnold Klein is linked to Mickey Fine's pharmacy in some way.
June 26th 2009 - Dr. Rogers concluded his autopsy; he found:

         - enlargement of prostate gland
         - vitiligo
         - polyp on colon
         after sending portions of the autopsy to specialists, they found:
         - mild diffuse swelling in the nervous system
         - chronic inflammation and scarring in lungs, from lung exam
         - extra rib (cervical rib?) & arthritis, from radiology exam
         - root canal therapy, implant therapy, from dental exam
         - irregular pigmentation at the top of the scalp
         Height: 5'9"
         Weight: 136 lbs.
         BMI: within a normal range
people's 206: autopsy pic   

         When asked by Walgren if the picture accurately depicts MJ's body and
         visually depicts his weight Dr. Rogers says "yes".


         [autopsy findings cont'd]
         - coronary arteries had no atherosclerosis, unusual for a man of his age
         - found no trauma or natural disease that could have been the cause of death
         - esophagus intact, no milky fluid
         - 70g of dark fluid found in the stomach, but no milky fluid, no pills,
           no capsules
         - no obstructions/ no foreign material in the oral airway
         - was not able to determine cause of death on June 26th 2009
            - requested further toxicology testing to be done to assist in determining cause of death
            - consulted anesthesiologist Dr. Calmes
            - referenced transcript of CM's police interview
            - sought medical records but was not able to obtain any
         - after consulting with various specialists, he concluded that the manner of death
           was homocide based on
            (1) Dr. CM's statement to the police: it indicated that propofol
               and other medications were administered to MJ by another person
            (2) inappropriate use of propofol: there was no appropriate medical indication
               that MJ's problem was lack of sleep and even so, it's not appropriate to
               give propofol in that situation, b/c the risks outweigh the benefits
            (3) the setting: treated outside of a hospital/clinic and the necessary items were
               not available e.g. no EKG monitor, no precise dosing device, no equipment
               to resuscitate or medications to improve circulatory function
            (4) the circumstances do not support self-administration of propofol:

               in order to keep him asleep, MJ would have to be given additional propofol
               from time-to-time b/c the 25mg of propofol is not a very large dose.

               it's hard to believe that MJ woke up and—while still somewhat under sedation—
               administered propofol to himself, then stopped breathing within the 2 minutes
               of Dr. CM's absence when you bear in mind the amount of time propofol requires
               to travel up the leg and into the brain.
               It's more likely that the doctor—having no precise method of dosing—gave too much
         Once in receipt of all the materials (toxicology findings, anesthesiologist consultation, the police
         interview transcript, and his own evaluations of MJ's internal and external organs and components)
         Dr. Rogers determined the cause of death to be: acute propofol intoxication, with "benzodiazepine effect"
         being a contributing condition (Midazolam and Lorazepam exacerbating respiratory and cardiovascular
people's 207: diagram of MJ's body      

                puncture marks down the neck, arms, and behind the left knee.

people's 208: close-up photograph of the rubber stopper
           on the empty 100mL propofol bottle   

           it had an unusual linear opening, not the typical
           syringe puncture

people's 209: different angle


people's 210: yet another different angle

This type of linear opening could be made with a spike (Walgren fetches peoples 157):

stipulation: the corrected transcript states CM infused propofol gradually over
          3-5 minutes (originally stated 25 minutes).             

people's 172:       

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@Melody....thanks for sharing, where did you get all this information and pics from?

I have called to those telephone numbers and they say these numbers don't exist.
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Here is a link I kept.  I hope it will be helpful.  If already submitted, please delete. 

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Thank Souza, see the thread recently. good idea to have all centered in one place. furnishes later.             :judge-smiley:

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@Melody....thanks for sharing, where did you get all this information and pics from?

I have called to those telephone numbers and they say these numbers don't exist.

I took the screenshots from the TMZ livestream and typed up some notes while they were talking. Flanagan made it really difficult to pay attention though.

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@Melody....thanks for sharing, where did you get all this information and pics from?

I have called to those telephone numbers and they say these numbers don't exist.

I took the screenshots from the TMZ livestream and typed up some notes while they were talking. Flanagan made it really difficult to pay attention though.

Haha you are a neat worker, thanks again honey!!

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