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Re: Souza, you rock

  • on: September 26, 2011, 11:29:22 PM
 lolol/When I first logged onto the site and saw the banner I was like Oh wow that's cool. I love the face of Murray, sad puppy dog! Then MJ laughing his ass off. This is gonna be a good show.  fresse/

I have been watching and recording on DVR In Session since they started to talk about the trial. For a minute I almost felt bad for Jean Cazaras. She kept sayin "This is It" over and over and she gets this confused look on her face and pauses like wtf did I say. This is when the Judge was still deciding whether the O2 press conference should be shown. Jean almost looked like the light bulb went on...She did say Don't believe everything you read or see/hear.

The whole thing seems surreal at times and when I am watching In Session and hearing all the experts, (what a joke they can't even figure out MJ is alive) but when I am hearing all of them talking they sound like a cackling group of hens.

I wrote some notes as I watched but now my chicken scratch has me in a daze,  errrr

I can read a few things which are: The case will come down to the kind of jurors seated. Celebraty status with fam in court room has a strong impact. Jurors for or against MJ will make a difference. Defense won't get anywhere trying to taint MJ's name. Most of the other stuff I wrote down had to do with all the other stuff like Propofol and autopsy report. Basically the In Session mouth pieces are just repeating the same shit from 09 and they are speaking the hoax LIVE. /woohoo/

One thing I notice is that the jury picked, the way the judge has been denying alot of stuff it makes this trial is look very biased against Murray. There are many MJ fans on the jury. I first thought TMZ made the jury info up until I heard In Session repeat the same info. The DA has a weak case and their motions for things are denied as well. This will be a case that comes down to beyond a reasonable doubt. /judge/

It isn't looking good for the Judge, DA, Coroner's Office, LAPD, etc... Sttiiinnnggg smiley_spider
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