Souza, you rock

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Re: Souza, you rock

  • on: September 26, 2011, 07:00:06 PM
Thanks so-o-o much for all you do Souza! And the others behind the scenes!
Souza, the Admins, the are all great.  It's been an amazing thing to be part of.......
I feel the adrenaline coming through as the trial begins.  It's the anticipation of it all that's bubbling over.  Forget simmering...we are at a rolling boil now, soon to be a full boil, lol.
I don't know what will happen during the trial.  It could go in any direction for sure.  In case forum crashes...and we lose touch....let this post be my humble thank you to all here.  Souza and the crew to the newest're all amazing thinkers, doers and beLIEvers.........thank you!
Have a beautiful day!
Blessings Always

PS> I did notice that about the banner.......awesome. 

 :(   There's always that possibility, and just the thought depresses me.  And yes, we have to live and enjoy the moment, for there's no guarantee for tomorrow.
It's "mans laughter" but I think this is also going to be a vicious no holds barred war, by the sounds the media are starting to make. michael-jackson/