Jermaine Jackson talks about Dr Conrad Murray. Body Language Analysis

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[youtube] [/youtube]

Body language analysis of Jermaine's recent interview on CBS News. What stood out for me (apart from the orange and white top he is wearing again - looks a bit pinkish here, perhaps it's not the same top lol!) is that CJBaxter has identified that he may be concealing something regarding his knowledge of MJ's manner of 'death' and how many people were involved. Also the hot and cold issue is mentioned again and the family uniting together being emphasised especially regarding Michael's good name.
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Thanks for posting this finfin, I love this guys videos and interpretations. Busy today but will watch this one when I have more time later.

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Thank you for this video finfin! :)
So Jermain were this shirt on 2 interviews in a row?
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Thank you for sharing this video with us.

It's interesting to hear him explain that it's hard to read Jermaine because of his high cheekbones. I also found interesting the discussion about the one interviewer that he said acted disinterested. To me, who does not know much about body language, I would have read her actions as one who doesn't believe everything she's hearing. She acted more like she's doubting either his motives or what he's saying. That's just me. The person who did the interpretation is obviously much more qualified than I am so he's probably right - she isn't interested in the topic.

Blessings :)
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Interesting video. It's good to learn about this body language analysis. It's highly possible that Jermaine has had a media training including a body language training. He knows how to express in front of the camera and not to reveal too much and yet to give an open and sincere impression. He knows exactly how to answer difficult questions without giving a solid yes or no, yet seemingly a satisfying answer to the interviewer.
I'm definately going to watch the body language analysis of Conrad Murray, of which he was promoting ;) Though, I expect the same about Murray. I'm pretty sure he has had a media training as well in order to not to reveal too much.
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