Harvey Levin-Michael became an addict after 1986 commercial

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Erin Jacobs from Justice4MJ on TMZ Live 9/22/11

I'm sorry Harvey but Michael was never an addict  bangbang ,well maybe an WORKER ADDICT,lol  :lol:and please before you say something at least do some research because that "PEPSI ACCIDENT" took place in 1984 ,not 1986.
I want to thank Erin Jacobs for speaking so nice about Michael,meantime Harvey was kinda pain in ass.Sorry Harvery but you have some DIRTY ROLE in this HOAX,and sometimes I dont know how much I can take before my head will EXPLODE  /pull hair/ /scream/.

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Erin should do her research before condemning an innocent man. It's no different from what people said about Michael being guilty in both 1993 and 2005, while if they would truly have done their homework, they would have known he was innocent. Nice words are just nice words, I think Michael would want her to use her head more. Once she would do that, she could make a great hoaxy, because she does seem to have a brain, she's just not using it the right way.

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I have talked to Erin occasionally and I can tell you that she was only being neutral with TMZ on purpose because the media will always try to bait you to make you give emotional responses.  She decided to let them lead but not follow so that she could get her points across without being considered biased or hostile.  She does not believe that Michael was an abusing addict after he went to rehab. 

As far as being a hoax buddy.  Never.  She will not even entertain the idea.  She believes Michael is dead and that Conrad Murray is guilty as sin.   She and I are casual acquaintances as we are on completely different sides of the coin where Michael’s demise is concerned.  However, my feelings about justice are still prevalent as I feel AEG needs to be outed for the bastards that they are. 
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I believe that this is a small demonstration of what hear and see the next few weeks, i hope that the name of Michael will be cleaned


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