If Murray goes to prison,will you still believe?

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Re: If Murray goes to prison,will you still believe?

  • on: September 22, 2011, 02:01:19 AM
Wow - such an interesting (and loaded) question. Thank you for bringing this up because at some point we all need to face the truth of what we really beLIEve in our heart.

Yes, it's going to get very uncomfortable for us. It will take lots of faith (the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen).

From the bottom of my heart I beLIEve 100% that Michael is alive. Even in spite of Jermaine telling us there is no hoax.  It hasn't come solely because of TS, Front, or Back even though their pieces have been helpful. It's come from every day being on the Internet (and here on the forum) reading, searching, learning, listening, and watching it unfold before our eyes. It comes from thinking it through in my mind and forming my own opinions.

Will I still believe if Conrad Murray goes to jail? Well, there are no guarantees for sure of what will happen. I look at it this way - Dr Murray is probably not a real doctor but he could be an FBI or undercover agent that is using this as a cover to get inside the jail system. What jail will he go to if he's convicted? I'm not sure but we know that there are serious issues with innocent people being convicted of crimes they don't commit. We also know there is corruption within the jail system, and it seems like California justice system is majoring in corruption.

Or, maybe he's just a great actor. Like others have said, we aren't even sure he'll go to jail even if it's in the papers that he did. Remember when he supposedly was booked into jail when he turned himself in and then posted a $7500 bail yet when someone checked they not only found no record of him being booked but they also found a $0 amount of bail posted? Smoke and mirrors.

So, yes, I will still beLIEve even if he goes to jail because we don't know the full purpose of the hoax. I will continue to watch it unfold because I believe  this will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. (Martin Luther King - August 28,1963)
Keep the faith and remain strong. Know what led you here and what has kept you here for so long. Have courage of conviction because we aren't crazy. Don't buy into the media lies. Read between the lines always.

Love and blessings to each of you  bearhug

@voice. thank you for your post. as i am new to MJDH there are still things i need to clear up. many, many things. i dont have doubts, but quesitons. obviously time, more research and seeking those answers will help me fill the gaps. your post actually addressed one of my concerns, dr murray.... you are right we need to be strong, keep faith and stop taking everything at a superficial level.

coining your very own sentence "have courage of conviction becasue we arent crazy" is something that i am going to hold dear to my heart throughout this process of learning. thank you.

sometimes jermaines comments throw me off. but i need to keep strong and look at other things, the things that are blatant facts that can't be refuted....

L.O.V.E to you.
People laugh when I explain. And though they may laugh, that doesn't change the fact that it's still the truth.

Michael is Alive
The end of evil is nigh
Trust in God
The righteous will prevail