If Murray goes to prison,will you still believe?

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Re: If Murray goes to prison,will you still believe?

  • on: September 21, 2011, 12:28:03 AM
Great post, voiceforthesilent!

Well, I don't think we can ever say, "Michael would never do this or that", because he likes doing the unexpected. Perhaps even while Murray's in prison, "reporters" can expose problems there. We know MJ will return with a BAM, but we just don't know how he's going to get there, and he wants to keep that his big suspenseful secret. Anything can happen. I trust MJ, TS and Front to drive that silly little truck of his with us in the back, safe and sound, in spite of not watching where he's going. mj_dance/

Michael didn't sing Keep The Faith to remind people about God n Jesus. He sang it for us... believers... 18 years ago. Keep it your anthem.

Yep!  Here's part of  http://www.lyrics007.com/Michael%20Jackson%20Lyrics/Keep%20the%20Faith%20Lyrics.html
Believe in yourself no matter what it's gonna take
You can be a winner but you gotta keep the faith
Gon' keep it brother
You got

And when you think of trust
Does it lead you home?
To a place that you only dream of
When you're all alone

And you can go by feel
'Stead of circumstance
But the power's in believing
So give yourself a chance

I know that you can
Sail across the water
Float across the sky-i  (MJ-Air)
Any road that you take will get you there
If you only try

So keep the faith
Don't let nobody take you down brother
Just keep your eyes on the prize
Feet flat on the ground

So keep the faith
Baby yeah
Because it's just a matter of time
Before your confidence will win out

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