Seriously Pearl?

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Re: Seriously Pearl?

  • on: August 21, 2011, 03:44:37 PM
I don't know Pearl, have never spoken to her and haven't seen a lot of her vids....based on the ones I did watch, I chose not to spend too much time on what she puts out.  It's nothing against her personally, cause I don't know her at's just that, like others have said...most (if not everything) I've seen in the vids I have watched, is info I've already read on this forum.

At some point, IMO, the 'hoax' has to fall away...and the message has to shine through.  What I mean by that is that Pearl, or even the 'hoax' community, has to realize that even if there is/was no hoax...the messages still stand...and strong.  For Pearl, or any of us, to focus on 'convincing' people that it is a hoax, by giving them bits and pieces of the puzzle as 'proof'....doesn't advance the message.  What ends up happening, I find, is that when non-hoaxers hear these bits and pieces...they either, at best, don't see the connections or, at worst, respond with negativity and skepticism.  And the reason for that (perhaps intentionally) is because this hoax is so complex and detailed...that to try to 'sum' it up in an interview and/or video...just doesn't do it justice.  A real understanding of the hoax requires a lot of time, effort, and research...something most people have obviously chosen not to expend.

But the message...that is something that anyone living in this time and age...witnessing first-hand the destruction of the planet...of nature...of the human spirit...that's something that strikes a chord, or at least should, with or without Michael Jackson and/or a hoax.  That, IMO, is what Pearl and all of us should be taking away from this journey...a whole new level of consciousness.  THAT is the true spirit and meaning of keeping Mike's legacy alive.  When you look at it that way...the big picture way...the bits and pieces of the hoax fall away and become trivial in comparison.

If the message...and the magnitude of its' importance... doesn't strike a chord with others when it is shared...then we are all doomed, with or without Michael Jackson.

With L.O.V.E. always.
The beauty of Michael Jackson is found in his heart and soul...his enormous talent is a bonus and what a bonus it is.

~PLAY the moments...PAUSE the memories...STOP the pain...REWIND the happiness~


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