Who's behind the scene of CEBU Inmates - With Travis Payne

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I wasnt a member for a long time already and came back just because I wanted to post this video that I saw... I wasnt really updating myself 24/7 because I am really convinced that MJ is still alive. I just wanted to share this video, when Travis Payne was interviewed --- and gave me a hint @ 4:25...

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Thank you for sharing this video with us.

I loved that when asked for one word that describes Michael, Travis immediately said "prophet". Without hesitation he explained why he felt that way and it had to do with Michael's belief towards the way we treat the environment. He said Michael felt that way long before going green was vogue.

I also loved the question where it was asked about Travis's dance styles. He mentioned being in The Ten Commandments in recent years. He said that that production was a religious experience but working with Michael everyday was a spiritual experience.

The part where you say gives a clue (at 4:25) is true unless those rehearsals (which doesn't make sense) started before June 25, 2009. I agree - he spoke about Michael liking the rehearsals (must have been on tape?) very much. I think the person doing the interview caught the slip and started to question it but Travis did well to explain it off.

I've been asking for a long time now how they could pull something like that off in such a short amount of time. And, I have been asking who organized all of that, who paid for it, and what the purpose was (if indeed Michael is dead).

Blessings :)
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Agree. That brilliant sharp horeography- only Michael came 2 my mind when I saw that on first time. And Travis gets almost angry when he do it his part on that performans. We most b on something really bigger than get-away hoax from the media. Blessings!

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They had a Cebu inmates Thriller video performance in 2007 as well, so Michael would have definitely seen those already. I don't think this is a clue. They re did the Thriller performance with Travis as a tribute.

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Beautiful video! Travis is such a loyal loving friend of MJ's. Something I thought was interesting was when he said that MJ never got mad if it was about himself, but only if he was defending someone else. This reminded me of Back, who's anger only really really showed when defending his mother Katherine who was being criticized.

It seems to me that the prisoners must have been working on these dances long before, so MJ could have seen reheasal tapes.

Uploaded by byronfgarcia on Jul 17, 2007


Performed on June 27, 2009


Performed July 25, 2009


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