Discover the Man You Never Knew - Michael Jackson

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Discover the Man You Never Knew - Michael Jackson

  • on: July 15, 2011, 04:08:02 PM
Everyone.  I meant to post this months ago, and I'm glad I remembered this article.  Article with Prince's pic at bottom. ... l-jackson/ ... l-jackson/

I mean no harm, but didn't MJ seem to have the patience of Job?  I wonder why it is that some of us, and especially old-timers like me feel the need to take up for him.  Not defend him, because he doesn't need it.  The astute amongst us know that he is not perfect and has sinned.  

It's just that I've always felt his brilliance and his giving heart.  I've always loved his laugh and felt that he was witty.  In that skit he does with Diana, she asks him as he is breaking up with her - "Yes, but where will I find someone with your CHARM, your WIT, your LIPS?"  He answers, "You won't, but hang on in there."  LOL - because it is so true.  It matters not if folks don't believe that MJ and Diana have always loved each other.  It's not going to take away from that fact.  It is plain as day if one were to watch hundreds of videos & pictures of them together by this point.  It really is your loss - because you really aren't a REAL human being, because you don't want to "Discover the man you never knew", if it doesn't fit your purpose.  

Diana said in 1981 to Ebony magazine in an article that she LOVED being around MJ because he gave off LOVE (and some more stuff of course).  Many of us agree, I'm sure.  In 1991, she tells Larry King Live - "You see, Michael and I actually really love each other."  In 2004, he dedicated the Re-issued 'Remember the Time' to Diana - and if you read, you'll learn that he also dedicated his NUMBER ONES to her.  'Leave Me Alone', he sung to her and on and on. ... Diana-Ross

Some of you are living in some kind of fog as it pertains to Michael.  Some kind of fanciful fantasy.  You forget though, that many of us have known of and loved Lil Michael since he was 9 years old - and have followed him since.  Some of you are the ones that are late to him.

For some sad reason, some of you don't want to think that MJ could love a woman (or that he is a real man and human being with blood running thru his vieins), a black woman at that, and be NORMAL.  Pitiful.  You need to look in the mirror and ask yourself why?  Why!?  It makes no sense.  You need to ask yourself, where you picked up such preconceived notions.

Read and weep or read and discover!  Nuff said! ... iana-ross/ ... oss/page47 ... s-289.html

And for the ones that don't think MJ's four children are his - there again, poor y'all. Admit it!  You were tabloid junkies all your life - and you have always believed the many LIES AND UNTRUTHS about MJ.

Prince has white spots alll over his neck.  I've seen it on Omer's fingers and Blanket's fingers.  I've seen it on Tito's fingers and Jermaine's neck on JFD.
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Since when MJ has 4 children?
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