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  • on: July 12, 2011, 04:46:44 PM
Quote from: "paula-c"
Gema wrote:

I don´t believe Taaj posted in that blog in such way. Looks like a vendetta from someone

who knows....

I am a bit confused about this drama. I became to know Taaj, Sam and the other stalker who´s name i forgot after a post from BlackJack (former member). I have been reading a blog about Taaj and also a letter from June (MJ´s spiritual advicer) to her.

Something looks very odd and dramatic when comes to that group of people and their interaction with other fans. Their whys still reminds a mystery to me.

I lost track in the drama, too many going on at the same time  :lol: difficult to choose which one to follow closer  :x
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Michael pls come back

"Why a four-year-old child could understand this hoax. Run out and find me a four-year-old child. I can't make head nor tail out of it"

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Re: @theillusion777

  • on: July 12, 2011, 08:12:53 PM
Quote from: "MJonmind"
Quote from: "LostHighlander"
It was because of Twiggy's MJHOAXLIVE blog that we all first heard of The Illusion777. Last night on Twiggy's Twitter page, she posted a photo of her and a man named Jon Nettlesby. Do a Google search on the name Jon Nettlesby and you will see that he's a recording engineer who has worked on MJ's music.

After I saw that photo I went to the chatbox on Tiggy's blog to see if they were talking about it. They weren't talking about it. I wrote in the chat box and asked them if they had seen it, but nobody answered me. Later on, Twiggy removed the Twitter post with the photo, but the photo is still on yfrog and here's the link: http://yfrog.com/kkbqhulj

As you can see above the photo where it says it was posted by MJHOAXLIVE, it says, "Twiggy and jon nettlesby"
Quote from: "PureLove"
I'm sorry to say this but that twiggy is another dumb. She believes EVERY single so called insider, every so called MJ related web-page etc. I don't care if she met a dude who worked with Michael. It doesn't mean that dude is illusion777 freak. I personally do not care any of the investigation this woman is doing. She knows nothing at all. She even lose hope so easily. I saw that during the hearings. Unfortunately she and Pearl divert some gullible believers to wrong directions.
Quote from: "bec"
Maybe that's their purpose.
I so agree. That Pearl Jr. has some contact with the family, and seems to have their blessing going around talking about MJ being alive. She also, like this Twiggy, seems to believe everything going. I'm remembering that note-paper that a fan gave MJ the night before he "died" and MJ apparantly wrote the lyrics to a Michael album song on it after June 25. Then that crazy women who said that when she was together with MJ while he was filming the Wiz, that they had sex, and Pearl's just like "Wow!"  So I agree that it's so obvious that they maybe have roles to play.

I love you girl but I disagree with you. I was into chat with the two for many times on Twiggy's chatroom. They know nothing about the hoax for real. A jerk once came into the chatroom and tried to behave like an "insider" and Twiggy believed that one too. She was very interested in her since it was TOO obvious that person was a fake. They are very gullible. I don't believe that Pearl has family's permission etc. They know nothing and that's the reason why they're open to every single so called insider or theory. Respect your opinion for sure. :)
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