TMZ Full Recap Part 25 - May 2011

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TMZ Full Recap Part 25 - May 2011

  • on: June 26, 2011, 05:40:19 PM

Murray's MJ Manslaughter Trial Pushed to September
5/2/2011 10:20 AM PDT by TMZ Staff 

Dr. Conrad Murray can chill til September -- his trial for Michael Jackson's death just got pushed back.

Judge Michael Pastor announced the postponement this morning in the manslaughter trial -- opening statements were set to begin next week.

Murray's attorneys asked for the delay so they could prepare for new witnesses the prosecution plans to call.

MJ's Mom -- My Son Was NO Child Molester!!!!!
5/4/2011 6:20 AM PDT by TMZ Staff 

Katherine Jackson is still ADAMANT her son never molested any children ... including MJ's 1993 accuser -- and insists MJ only paid the kid off because his lawyers gave him bad advice.

Katherine appeared on "Today" this morning ... where Matt Lauer asked if there was anything she wanted to clear up about her son's life.

Katherine responded, "As far as Michael being a child molester ... that's the biggest lie ever been told."

MJ's mom said she read an article after MJ died -- in which the 1993 accuser allegedly admitted he made up the story against Michael.

When Lauer asked why MJ forked over a settlement with the boy ... Katherine said, "His lawyers told him he should just pay the money .. they thought that just paying the money and shut the people up would be the right thing to do."

Katherine said she asked MJ why he made the move -- and MJ told
her, "I didn't want to do it either mother, I wanted to fight it because I knew it wasn't the truth."

Was MJ a molester?
64% No
36% Yes
Total Votes: 154,154

The People vs. Dr. Murray -- Whose Side Are You On?
5/7/2011 12:50 AM PDT by TMZ Staff 

On TMZ Live ...  Harvey Levin took on BOTH sides in  Dr. Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial  -- offering closing arguments for the prosecution and the defense.  So whose case is stronger?

After watching both arguments, it's up to YOU, the TMZ jury to decide ... should Dr. Conrad Murray be convicted in the death of Michael Jackson?

Dr. Conrad Murray ...
67% Guilty
33% Not Guilty
Total Votes: 78,156

Dr. Who Gave MJ Propofol Forced to Testify for Murray
5/12/2011 12:10 PM PDT by TMZ Staff 

A doctor who repeatedly administered Propofol to Michael Jackson has been ordered against his will to testify on behalf of Dr. Conrad Murray ... TMZ has learned.

Dr. David Adams -- a Las Vegas anesthesiologist -- put Michael under with Propofol on 4 separate occasions in 2008. 

Dr. Murray's lawyers want him to testify in the manslaughter case about MJs "behavior and reactions while under the drug and also how he responded to the administration of the drug."

Dr. Adams vehemently objected to being subpoenaed, claiming he's a "low-key individual" and he's already lost business because of getting dragged into the case.

Nonetheless, TMZ has obtained a court order from a Las Vegas judge that forces Adams to testify.

Joe Jackson Stinks -- The HARD Sell
5/19/2011 12:02 AM PDT by TMZ Staff 

Somehow ... Joe Jackson convinced someone to bottle his cologne -- and we've produced a commercial for the stench -- er, scent ... that is pure justice. For Michael Jackson.

Check out TMZ on TV -- click here to see your local listings!

Creditor's Claim: Michael Jackson Gave Me Herpes
5/20/2011 2:46 PM PDT by TMZ Staff 

Two bizarre creditors' claims were just filed in the Michael Jackson Estate case by a woman who claims Michael gave her an STD in the late '70s and it ruined her life.

Shellie Smith claims, "In 1979, I started having sexual relations with the decedent.  Shortly thereafter, I began to get blisters on my legs, face and lips.  He was my only partner."

Smith continues, "At this time, I am unable to have a full and vibrant life due to the complications of this disease."

But she also filed a second claim with different facts, stating she began having sex with Michael in 1977 and was diagnosed with herpes simplex.  In this claim, Smith says, "[Michael] knew I was getting blisters on my body, however, he continued to have sex with me."

Smith is asking the Estate for $10 million. 

Good luck ...  For starters, the statute of limitations ran out decades ago, the deadline for filing a creditor's claim has long expired, and the claim sounds, well ...

Oh, and this isn't Smith's first crazy claim -- in January 2010, she filed one saying she and Michael were secretly married and she was entitled to spousal support. That claim was rejected.

Conrad Murray Goes Dumbo
5/23/2011 12:00 PM PDT by Johnny Lopez

With his manslaughter trial pushed to September, Dr. Conrad Murray enjoyed some downtime at the happiest place on Earth and rode a Dumbo ride at Disneyland yesterday.

He's living the life.

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