TMZ Full Recap Part 26 - June 2011

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TMZ Full Recap Part 26 - June 2011

  • on: September 06, 2011, 12:19:46 PM
MJ's 'Thriller' Jacket -- Got $400k Layin' Around?!
6/6/2011 8:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's iconic red jacket from the "Thriller" video is hitting the auction block in Beverly Hills in a few weeks -- and it could be yours ... if you've got a spare $400,000 to blow.

The jacket -- which MJ personally autographed to his former costume designers -- is expected to fetch between $200k and $400k ... though we wouldn't be shocked if it soared past half a mil.

The jacket is one of several MJ items featured in the Julien's Auction event on June 25 and 26. Among the more interesting pieces -- the wig Michael wore at his "This Is It" news conference in London and a glove he wore at the American Music Awards.

The wig is expected to haul in between $4,000 and $6,000 -- and the glove is valued between $20k and $30k.

Lloyd's of London: MJ Lied, So We Won't Pay
6/6/2011 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lloyd's of London has gone to court ... asking a judge to let the company off the financial hook, claiming it doesn't owe the Michael Jackson Estate $17.5 million on grounds MJ was a fraud.

The company issued the muilti-million dollar policy to cover the doomed "This Is It" tour for losses. 

But Lloyd's claims it doesn't have to honor the policy for 2 primary reasons:

1.   Michael Jackson and AEG allegedly lied about Michael's medical history -- specifically, MJ said he had not seen a doctor other than a cosmetic MD since June, 2005.

2.  Michael did not disclose he was taking prescription drugs prior to and at the time of his death -- including Propofol.

Lloyd's is asking the court for a declaration that the policy is null and void as a result of the alleged fraud.

Howard Weitzman, the lawyer for the Estate, tells TMZ, "This legal action is nothing more than an insurance company trying to avoid paying a legitimate claim by the insured."

Michael Jackson's Dad Smells Bad in MJ Perfume War
6/9/2011 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A company that owns the rights to license all things Michael Jackson is going after MJ's dad, Joe -- indirectly -- claiming he's involved in a business deal that shamelessly exploits his dead son.

TMZ broke the story ... Joe Jackson was pushing the new "Jackson" scent line at the Cannes Film Festival last month on behalf of a company called Julian Rouas Paris. But according to a new lawsuit, J.R.P. never obtained permission to use Michael's name and image in connection with the product.

Now, Bravado International is asking a federal court in Los Angeles to force Julian Rouas Paris to immediately strip anything MJ-related from their smelly product line ASAP.

Bravado is also seeking $750 for each time MJ's name and likeness were used on a product PLUS three times the amount of profits they've made on the scents PLUS more than $150k in damages.

A rep for Bravado tells TMZ, "Michael Jackson's talent made his name one of the most valuable in the history of entertainment, and no person acting on behalf of the estate gave Mr. Rouas oral or written consent to exploit it."

Top Secret MJ Videos Protected by Armed Guards!
6/11/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The last videos of Michael Jackson were so top secret, they were transported in an unmarked truck, accompanied by armed guards in the dead of the night ... this according to new docs filed in the Conrad Murray manslaughter case.

You ask what Conrad Murray has to do with MJ videos?  Well, Dr. Murray wants to see ALL of the rehearsal videos shot for the doomed "This is It" tour.  Murray's lawyers believe it could show Michael was in such a frail condition ... there were many reasons for his death other than Propofol.

Murray's lawyers subpoenaed the tapes, but now Sony Pictures -- which has possession of the videos -- is objecting for several reasons.  Sony claims there are more than 20 boxes of videos and it would cost $200,000 to log and reproduce all of them.

But in the docs, Sony describes how top secret the videos were to the studio.  Sony lawyers say, "When they were transported to the Sony lot in Culver City, the transport in an unmarked truck was accompanied by armed guards in the dead of the night."

When the tapes were in an editing bay, security guards were posted outside the door and no Internet access was allowed in the room.

And a Sony honcho also submitted a declaration which says the videos "have a high monetary value inherent in their potential for future uses.  Those uses include one or more 'anniversary editions.'"

MJ Anniversary -- The Flying Helicopter Flower Dump!
6/19/2011 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With the two-year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death approaching -- one helicopter company is giving fans the chance to pay their respects ... by raining flowers down around Neverland ... mid-flight.

The 30-minute Channel Island Helicopter flights are set to take off June 24th and 25th -- exactly two years since Jackson died after a Propofol-induced cardiac arrest.

During the flight, passengers are encouraged to honor the late entertainer by chucking his favorite flower -- a red rose -- out of the helicopter mid-flight ... over nearby Zaca Peak.

A rep for the helicopter company tells us -- fans are super excited for the aerial tour ... saying they feel it will bring them "closer to heaven" ... and closer to Michael.

MJ's Vegas Home -- Fans Can 'Walk Where He Walked'
6/24/2011 5:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The home where Michael Jackson lived during his stint in Vegas is opening its doors to fans for the FIRST TIME EVER tomorrow to commemorate the anniversary of MJ's death ... TMZ has learned.

A rep for the home tells us ... "the Estate will be opened to the public, for the first time, for only four hours for those who wish to pay their respects and to mourn his loss on this, the Second Anniversary of [MJ's] passing, June 25, 2011."

The rep explains, "We will strive to give you a glimpse into his private life and home; to allow you to walk where he walked, to see what he saw, to breathe the same air that he breathed and…to be inspired."

We're told "strict security measures" will be in effect -- and water will be provided ... because it can get pretty hot in the desert. . 

The rep adds, "Your messages of love, prayers, gifts and flowers will be lovingly preserved in situs until Sunday."

Jermaine Jackson Does Tribute Show in MJ's Honor
6/25/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

To celebrate the life of his beloved brother Michael Jackson, last night Jermaine Jackson performed a tribute show at the 12th International Indian Film Academy festivities in Toronto.

Because when you think back on the life of The King of Pop ... you immediately think of the International Indian Film Academy.

Michael Jackson Fans Gather Outside Neverland
6/25/2011 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hundreds of Michael Jackson fans made the pilgrimage to Neverland Ranch today to commemorate the anniversary of his death -- even though there was no actual event planned.

We're told some fans camped outside the gates of Neverland on Figueroa Mountain Road last night. The fans show up in waves throughout the day -- gathering for a bit, bringing flowers, holding signs, singing songs ... then they eventually leave.

MJ passed away two years ago today.

Dr. Murray Will NEVER Cop a Plea in MJ Death
6/25/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources directly connected to Dr. Conrad Murray tell TMZ ... the Doc will not accept any plea bargain from the L.A. County District Attorney in the Michael Jackson manslaughter case.

We're told Dr. Murray feels so strongly about his innocence, even a plea with no jail time would be out of the question. 

Fact is ... Dr. Murray shouldn't hold his breath, because no plea bargain has been offered and sources tell us the D.A. will not offer one.

As for Murray's defense ... we're told the centerpiece revolves around the fact that only two people were in the room around the time MJ died, and Murray insists he did not administer the fatal dose of Propofol.

The operating theory of Murray's lawyers -- when the Doc left to go to the bathroom, a frustrated MJ woke up and administered the fatal dose himself in a desperate attempt to get some sleep.

So we ask ...

Dr. Murray
60% Guilty
40% Not guilty
Total Votes: 158,381

Did MJ Kill Himself?
58% No
42% Yes
Total Votes: 157,296

Is Murray a Scapegoat?
58% Yes
42% No
Total Votes: 147,879

MJ in Death -- Bigger than Elvis?
54% No
46% Yes
Total Votes: 149,304

Joe Jackson
94% Bad guy
6% Good guy
Total Votes: 147,214

Katherine Jackson
66% Good guy
34% Bad guy
Total Votes: 144,219

Best MJ Sibling
83% Janet
7% La Toya
5% Randy
5% Jermaine
Total Votes: 140,275

Worst MJ Sibling
45% Jermaine
41% La Toya
12% Randy
2% Janet
Total Votes: 137,945

61% Bigger in life
39% Bigger in death
Total Votes: 145,334

Michael Jackson's Death -- Two Years Later
6/25/2011 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today is the two-year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death -- and the saga has played out like a soap opera about betrayal, jealousy, love, greed and redemption.

When TMZ broke the news, it triggered a flood of stories about Jackson's struggles with drugs, the doctors who enabled him, the mystery surrounding his death,  a little known drug called propofol, a family war against Michael's estate, a full court press to erase Michael's debt, and a posthumous marketing campaign to rival Elvis.

Take a look at TMZ's timeline from the moment we found something was terribly wrong with Michael.

Randy Jackson Greets MJ Fans at Forest Lawn
6/26/2011 3:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Randy Jackson went to visit the final resting place of his brother Michael Jackson yesterday -- and stopped to sign autographs and meet with fans on his way out of Forest Lawn.

Michael died two years ago yesterday.

Shaq DESTROYS Classic Michael Jackson Songs
6/26/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shaquille O'Neal got on the mic last night at a nightclub in Las Vegas so he could sing along to a few Michael Jackson songs -- and if he was hoping to honor the late King of Pop ... he did the exact opposite.

Shaq butchered such classic songs as "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough," "Off the Wall," "Thriller," and the classic Jackson 5 song, "I Want You Back."

But Shaq, who was at Moon Nightclub at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas to celebrate his retirement, was an equal opportunity offender -- he also killed "Sweet Home Alabama," "You Give Love a Bad Name," and "When Doves Cry."

We would tell Shaq to stick to his day job, but he doesn't have one anymore.

Conrad Murray Boogies Down on MJ Anniversary
6/27/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There was nothing sedate about the way Dr. Conrad Murray spent the two-year anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson ... he danced the night away at a wedding.

TMZ snagged video of Murray dancing at the reception Saturday in Pennsauken, New Jersey ... bopping along to the classic Sister Sledge song, "We Are Family."

Our spies say Murray was uncomfortable at first, but loosened up.  By the end of the night he was chatting and taking pics with the guests.

Murray didn't know anyone at the wedding.  His baby mama, Nicole Alvarez, was in the bridal party.

Best +1 ever.

'Simpsons' Bombshell -- The TRUTH About MJ Song!!!
6/27/2011 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson hand-picked an MJ voice impersonator to sing the famous "Happy Birthday Lisa" song featured on "The Simpsons" back in 1991 ... this according to Lisa herself, Yeardley Smith.

Smith was outside the Red O restaurant in L.A. this weekend, when she explained, "[Michael] was not allowed to sing on the show, so he literally hand-picked a guy to sing like him."

During the famous episode, "Stark Raving Dad," Michael provided the voice to a mental patient who thought he was MJ ... but according to reports, Jackson's record label blocked MJ from singing the Lisa birthday song.

MJ ultimately selected a man named Kipp Lennon -- and Yeardley explains, "How unnerving would it be to sing like Michael Jackson in front of Michael Jackson?"

We called Kipp to find out -- so far, no response.


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