I believe in TIAI with all my human being, waiting 4 my MJ

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I heve been followin TIAI from the begining and been also analyzing it.... and I really believe in it, and I want to thanks deeply to the creator because it revives my hope, it give me my lie i little bit back, because since june 25 as MJ I was death.... I was in the memorial in LA in the july 7 event just walking like a zombi I just got my plane and fly for several hours just to be there and see him with my own eyes that he was death and i was sooooooo really sooo sad I felt empty but I aslo kept believing that he was alive but everyone was telling me that I was in denial , the month next to that i flew againg and went to the forestlawn in Glendale to visit his tumb so I can finally accepted .. but no, I cry like no other time but I didn't feel he was there... maybe denial again???? no not now he is alive  and I know i really know it, I have been investigating all this I have months of not sleeping well but now I get it, he is alive, and he is in peace..... so I love you baby.... And I will be waiting for you...... take care...
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