Could Michael Have Found Out The "Comet" Headed Our Way?

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I've looked around and do not see where this has been discussed under this thread.  But I admit I've been accused of being blind as a bat.

There is something headed our way this year that could have devastating affects on our planet. I'm wondering if MJ found out about it and is what he meant by "We only have 4 years".   I know some feel he was talking about 2012.  However, there are those that believe he was speaking to 2011.  I've felt 2011 but I couldn't connect the “dots”, that is until the last 6-8 months.  

As some are aware, throughout the history of our planet there is “something” that passes very near to our planet every 3600 – 4000 years and has been tied to catastrophic damages.  For several years we've been told it is due to swing our way again the end of 2012.  However not too long ago we were being told 2011, ... w50HPd17iQ - see the last couple of minutes of this video.

So what if it’s the “comet” ELEnin (I don't believe it's a comet but that's neither here nor there) which is due this summer, 2011 instead of 2012.  It's said ELEnin's effects will go to Dec and beyond?  

What if 20-30 years ago TPTB decided to push the idea of 2012 so they wouldn’t have to deal with a panic, which in turn would give them more time to get their “houses” in order.   By the time the general public “got it” they would be snug in or at least have their underground cities or bunkers in place.   Could that be true, I don't know. I darn sure wouldn't put it past 'em. Would you?

There are astrologers that believe ELEnin is the cause of the increased earthquakes over the last several years and as it draws closer will cause the type of damage our history has spoken of that has at times done away with life on this planet.  We are talking about earthquakes, floods, and volcano activities that would cause an “ELE”, an “Extinction Level Event”.  Here is a link to a vid that explains this a bit more,, but don’t take this as gospel.  Please do your own research.  

While I feel the world needs to be made aware of what TPTB are doing to our societies, a potential life ending event is something I feel MJ could have stumbled across in his studies or was told about and may be something he would "put it all on the line for" in order to try and make mankind aware of.  I hope I’m wrong about ELEnin but…

Please don't make this a thread of fussing and fighting.  That won’t help us in figuring out why MJ would have taken such a drastic step in hoaxing his death and in order to draw attention to WHAT!  That's seems to be the million dollar question.  Could he have just come out and sang about it?  I don't think so.  Look what they did to him for speaking out about far less.  

Michael talked about "not playing with them" and he was going "to hurt em".  I don't think he meant us.  

For those wanting more information on ELEnin please feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to share what I've found thus far.

Oh and here is an interesting site that shows the projected path of ELEnin: ... og=0;cad=1.  

Love and Peace to all!
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