FBI to release secret files...tues 22nd Dec 2009

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FBI to release secret files...tues 22nd Dec 2009

  • on: December 22, 2009, 07:21:59 AM
A secret FBI file about Michael Jackson is to be released.

Around half of the 679-page document is set to be declassified within the next two days.

The files contain information about the late Thriller singer's extensive lawsuits and information about his 1993 and 2004 child molestation investigations.

"People are still questioning many things about the private life of this secretive pop star. Jackson was an enigma and lived in riches and a lifestyle unlike anyone since Elvis Presley.

"This dossier is an incredibly important key to understanding what happened behind closed doors, and may help the world better understand Michael," a source said.

Also included in the pages of the report are details of death threats made to the singer and efforts by a private jet company to profit from the alleged child abuse charges against him by installing hidden cameras in a plane used by the star.

Two cameras were placed on the plane, which was taking Jackson to hand himself over for police questioning.

 However, some parts of the document will remain hidden - including information relating to his death earlier this year - as it is part of an ongoing inquiry.

Jackson died suddenly in June of acute poisoning from the powerful anaesthetic Propofol.

This is very wierd.  "What is the reason behind this?  What will it achieve?" quoted the Australian reporters.  I think it's all in the aid to clear his image and reputation.  His family must of approved it.
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Re: FBI to release secret files...tues 22nd Dec 2009

  • on: December 22, 2009, 07:17:14 PM
There are other threads about this. We've been talking about it for a week or so. use the Search function and you will find them. Or hit View New Posts and you will see them all.
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