MusicCouch Michael Jackson is Hiding in Disguise

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MusicCouch Michael Jackson is Hiding in Disguise

  • on: May 29, 2011, 02:17:12 PM
Michael Jackson is Hiding in Disguise


Ever since the world heard the news that Michael Jackson had died we have seen many characters that had suspicious resemblance to the king of pop, which has made many of his adoring fans believe he is hiding in disguise.

Michael Jackson showed the world how good he was at disguise when he created a character for the video clip of his biggest selling hit song Thriller.


Michael has always loved creating an illusion for his fans, many times on stage with his moonwalk dancing, in movie clips such as Thriller and more recently with Ghost.


After his ‘death’ in June 2009, Michael Jackson has been spotted several times hiding behind a number of disguises, as different characters, both male and female and attending some significant events.


The first such character was Dave Dave, born Dave Rothenberg who had been set alight and intentionally burned by his father when younger and whom Michael Jackson had made his life long friend.

Dave Dave appeared with Larry King on CNN the same day as Michael’s funeral and his performance made many people think that it was indeed Michael Jackson in disguise, same voice and same mannerisms.


Watch the video and come to your own conclusions, is it Michael?


Then there was the tall blonde lady at Michael’s memorial, she sure had a resemblance to Michael Jackson with the same facial profile, height and movements. And she gave a thumb up gesture to all his songs.


And at the BET Music Awards that had always been a welcome home to Michael, they gave a tribute to Michael Jackson and many thousands of viewers witnessed someone who they thought was Michael.


He was sitting just behind Joe Jackson and was acknowledged by Janet Jackson as she passed by him on her way to the stage to speak.


Michael Jackson has many celebrity friends within the music world, as well as close friendships with film stars, sporting personalities and well known political figures.


One such political figure, who had a close friendship with Michael, was Senator Ted Kennedy. Several of the people who attended the funeral of Ted Kennedy said that they saw Michael Jackson thinly disguised as a woman mourner.

Are all of these characters with their suspicious resemblance to Michael Jackson, just a coincidence or is Michael really hiding in disguise?

It doesn’t matter how much Michael may cover up, because as long as we can see his eyes we know it is Michael Jackson and that he is alive.

Soon the world will experience the resurrection of Michael Jackson, the king of pop and the greatest entertainer of all time will be back with us all again.

Read more: ... z1NlWAh3Jr
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this is the same guy who wrote "MJ is alive".  Does he also visit this site?
He is pretty confidense in MJ's "resurrection". That's good.
Here is about him, James Chapman
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New article from James ... ay-to-him/


by James Chapman in People, May 31, 2011

If it was to be found that Michael Jackson had hoaxed his death and he then miraculously resurrected to be back in the world, what would you think about it and what would you want to say to him?

For many of you this just could not happen because you know in your hearts that Michael Jackson died on the twenty fifth of June 2009, but what if it did happen and he was to return?

With Michael Jackson returning from the dead would you be deliriously happy and relieved that your idol had returned and forgive him for all the hurt which you had felt along with all of his fans across the world.

Would his return cause an immense outpouring of love for him and total joy all around the world because the greatest entertainer was back living amongst us all again?

Or would you be shocked to hear the news and feel an enormous sense of disbelief that Michael Jackson was alive and that the last two years of mourning had all been unnecessary.

Perhaps what you would be feeling is anger that he could possible really do such a thing to his children, his family and his fans making everyone think he was dead just for a publicity stunt.

So, what would you be thinking and feeling if Michael Jackson suddenly miraculously comes back from the dead? What would it be; happiness, relief, joy, love, forgiveness, shock, disbelief, anger or something else?

Let’s hear your views, what would you think and feel if the king of pop was to just appear again and act as if nothing bad had happened to him with an expectation of receiving an iconic hero welcome.

If he was standing right in front of you now, what would you say to him?  

Whether you believe Michael Jackson is dead or alive you know that you share the enormous love that is felt for him by his huge army of adoring fans all around the world.

Just remember, it is all for L.O.V.E
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This guy's enjoyable to read!  I like the way he emphasizes "his special charismatic talents", rather than the typical media's ignorant/jealous mudslinging jabs. I really hope he keeps on the MJ themes.
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