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Michael Jackson and The Media Conspiracy


The real Michael Jackson that his fans totally love and worship is not in any way the person which the media conspiracy portrayed. The media decided to do everything it could to find ways to blemish his name.

Michael Jackson is not a paedophile or a child molester and he is not a freak, or weird and strange; those are just some of the things which the media fabricated about him.


Michael Jackson as all his devoted fans know, is a kind, caring, loving person who has a quiet humility, an amazing humanitarian heart and the most wonderful way of relating with everyone that he meets.


For some inexplicable reason the media decided that they would destroy this great man’s life by concocting stories about him and in some cases even paying people to lie about their involvement with Michael.


Michael Jackson was never convicted of any of the media accusations, he could never be because they were all lies. But with the incessant and relentless bombardment of the media many people were confused about the truth.


The real Michael Jackson is a unique human being with an enormous talent and an incredibly wonderful voice that comes from his heart and touches people’s souls.


Everything that Michael Jackson does is special, completely original, absolutely sensational and always unexpected. He is the recognised king of pop and a totally professional artist that seeks perfection.


The media attention on Michael Jackson has lessened since they think he is dead and buried, but Michael has a huge surprise already prepared for them; his miraculous resurrection.

For all of Michael Jackson’s fans their continuing love for Michael is the proof to them that he is still alive. But there is also more compelling and irrefutable proof that Michael Jackson is alive.

And that is the fact that none of his family or close friends have asked why there is no name on Michael’s grave stone, why it was that many of the other artists which have great admiration for Michael did not even go to his funeral or memorial service.

It is because they know that he is still alive and just waiting for the right moment to make his return. The king of pop will very soon be back and enthralling fans all around the world with his special charismatic talents.

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