Martin Bashir interviews Criminal attorney Joe Tacopina

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UNBELIEVABLE! Martin Bashir interviews Criminal defense attorney Joe Tacopina regarding Conrad Murray Case

I still wonder how come Bashir is still on Tv,lol  :? .How come he is not out of spot??????? The only  logical explination for me is that his interview with Michael was a part from Michael's Hoax.
Basir said he never saw Michael using drugs  :? . Here is Bashir talking about Murray case,Lindsay Lohan and latest cris Brown legal problems.


How come he has the nerve to talk about Michael ,if he knows what people thinks about him,lol???? Maybe he doesen't care because someone has his back  :? ?????

P.S. I want to thank the mjplace site for this information  :D :

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"because certainly the time I was with him"...blah blah blah...the dictionary hasn't got enough words for me to describe what I think of him. But I will say, that he is a two-faced suck up, that is as phony as the word phony and while smiling and joking with MJ he repeatedly stabbed him in the back.
Not done but this is as far as I will go.
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