'I Love You' - Dedicated to MJ

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'I Love You' - Dedicated to MJ

  • on: May 19, 2011, 04:17:34 PM
Yes, I said it.  MJ and Diana are most likely in a committed relationship. She dedicated the CD - "I Love You (That's All That Really Matters)" to MJ - in my opinion.  It is one of my favorite songs of all time, now.

I love the below picture.  Diana was bitten by the MJ love bug - just like MJ was towards her.  The rumor is they hooked up during the filming of the movie The Wiz.  Ooooh-la-la.  "Break of Dawn" baby.  I think he was singing to her - "Heaven Can Wait", and on and on.  MJ wrote the song - "Muscles" for Diana, and rumor has it - that it was an inside joke between her and MJ that Muscles was the name of his own Personal snake - yet he said it was about his pet reptile snake.  LOL!  

He talks about marrying her (and they both moving to Switzerland) in a 1982 Ebony Magazine article.  He should have kept Muscles in his pocket then and not have gotten Omer's mother pregnant.  LOL!  This is my opinion only.

Diana was quoted saying - "I will forever be changed after that experience of making The Wiz (whoopie - perhaps - Lol)". MJ must have put it on her.

http://www.mjcafe.net/mjcafe_board/view ... &sk=t&sd=a


P.S.  When MJ and Diana's eyes meet at the J5 HOF Awards when she first bounces onstage, I think they are smiling and are humored by the way (MJ sort of ROCKED on his feet, bobbed/shook his head and smiled a sexy smile) upon Ed Sullivan introducing Diana in the audience.  (Then he is seen clapping for her)  They say he had an OLD SOUL for a young boy.  He was like a grown azz man, and he sort of smiled like - "Yes sir.  That's my baby.  No sir.  Don't mean maybe."  LOL!  That boy was very mannish.  He was claiming her back then at 10 years old.  Watch that clip again.  I mean, his parents, brothers, Berry Gordy, et al, saw that clip.  I bet Mama Kate was like - "my goodness Mikey."

If they are together, I hope they are at peace and happy.  Diana always looks like the cat that ate the canary here lately, for real.
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