A revised movie theory - all for the children!!

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Re: A revised movie theory - all for the children!!

  • on: November 12, 2010, 07:30:09 AM
Thank you Aintnosunshine.

Yes! this is what we are living through! It is HIS life being re-played in front of our eyes; it is the Real Life Thriller movie and HE is directing it. It is the next level in entertainment, it is interactive and the script may be adapted (Augmented) as actions develop in reality!

We are the BeLIEvers group and HE is interacting directly with us showing us that HE is alive by giving us clues which only HIM could give.

Amongst all the mourning fans there is a small group who does not want to let him just go like this. They want to know exectly what happened to their star and start investigating. Step by step they discover more and more inconsistencies of the whole story. Realising that he just cannot mislead his true fans and that he probably will not be hiding forever he watches them communicating via internet, creating chatrooms and forums, using twitter, myspace, facebook and youtube. Now he desperately wants to let his true fans know that he actually is alive and save. Since they dig into everything and are able to find clues everywhere he begins to distribute and control some references himself. Finally they are convinced that their star is alive. They just beLIEve.

And it is ABSOLUTELY TRUE that this life Thriller is about Educating the public and the fans.  There are lessons to be learnt and because we are living the movie (we are part of it, whether beLIEvers or non- beLIEvers), the learning will be much more intense and of a much larger scale.

Learning concept: The entertainment business is dominated by reckless greed, apply enormous pressure on the artists and performers, risking their health and lives in order to exploit them. It needs a superstar to outthink them, to escape the system alive instead of being victimized as a drug addict like most of the others. The message for the world (and the children): Do not use drugs. Don`t believe tabloids. Listen to the person himself. Understand his messages. Think and decide yourself. And - most important: If you love your stars, give them some rest and respect their privacy. Otherwise they can`t survive (i. e. with the ongoing pressure they will die to soon).

And at the end of the movie, he does come back, 777 days after it all started on the 10th August 2010. Like the Phoenix, Michael is reborn from his ashes as a new man, MJ the superstar is no longer but Michael is back as he always intended to.

But since a real movie has to have a happy ending, he eventually has to come back. Not as the superstar he used to be - the superstar indeed is buried. But the person will suddenly reappear - just as in Moonwalker - and saying: “ …”
- End of Movie plot -

This is simply an amazing production, a one in a life time experience that we all need to enjoy!

You are amazing Michael! My hat off to you!

There I am SPEECHLESS by the grandness of it all!


With L.O.V.E
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