How likely is it that MJ will return this July?

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Re: How likely is it that MJ will return this July?

  • on: April 26, 2011, 02:46:49 AM
Quote from: "MJhasSpoken"

I also think about the contrast of Elvis...
Elvis left clues in the beginning and then stopped and he still hasn't come back.
MJ left clues and is still leaving clues which means he is probably coming back.

Good point about Elvis connections. To take it further, MJ liked to study 'the greats' and then do it better, put his own spin on things, take it on a level. Therefore, IMO, he wouldn't 'copy' Elvis by not coming back. If you're going to copy a death hoax, what better way to 'do it better' than to come back!

I've said before, I don't like talk about possible come back dates though. MJ wants jaws on the floor, I want him to surprise me too, along with the rest of the world. Not so much fun being a forum smartie who has it all worked out!
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