How likely is it that MJ will return this July?

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Quote from: "Gema"
Quote from: "PureLove"
Quote from: "Gema"
My gosh. So out of topic. Who cares what your opinions are about this member "pure love". Get over yourself.

:lol: I personally do not care only about your opinions gema. I'm pretty sure that your delusional friend is on another hoax forum. You two can enjoy your delusions opps "visions" there.

If you donĀ“t care, stop behaving proving that you do  :lol:

As I said, get over yourself. No one cares, really.

I'm responding you gema but it doesn't mean that I care about your stupid ideas or opinions. You made me lose the respect I have for you long time ago, remember? Your posts can only entertain me but that's all. Now you can keep on whining for SV and all other creepy ones but don't expect others to believe or interested in those delusions like you do.
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