TMZ Full Recap Part 22 - February 2011

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TMZ Full Recap Part 22 - February 2011

  • on: March 21, 2011, 04:45:11 AM

MJ Producer Dropped From Wrongful Death Suit
2/1/2011 10:13 AM PST by TMZ Staff 

Michael Jackson's producer of the "This Is It" tour just got a break in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Katherine Jackson -- he's been dropped as a defendant ... TMZ has learned.

Kenny Ortega was sued by Katherine, who claimed he was part of AEG's alleged plan to give Michael anything he needed in order for him to perform.

Katherine's lawyer, Kevin Boyle, tells TMZ, "Based on recently discovered information, the Jackson family has determined that Mr. Ortega should not be a defendant," adding, "The Jackson Family apologizes for any discomfort or inconvenience this may have caused Mr. Ortega."

It's always a discomfort to be sued for wrongful death.

Brazilian Cab Driver Sings JUST LIKE MJ!!!
2/2/2011 2:00 PM PST by TMZ Staff 

In another world, this Brazilian cab driver could've been the biggest pop star that ever lived -- because dude can sing JUST LIKE Michael Jackson. You have to watch this!!!

The MJ-alike has already built a solid following on YouTube -- racking up more than 600,000 views.

Hopefully the guy who shot the video left him a solid tip.

Conrad's Ex Pokes Holes in Murray's MJ Defense
2/3/2011 7:00 AM PST by TMZ Staff

Dr. Conrad Murray's ex-girlfriend claims Murray knew something was wrong with Michael Jackson at the start of a phone call he made to her on the day MJ died -- a complete contradiction to Murray's story.

Sade Anding told Good Morning America Conrad had called her "out of the blue" on June 25, 2009 -- and from the beginning of the call, he "didn't sound like himself at all."

Anding claims she asked Murray what was wrong and he only replied, "Well ...."

That's when Sade claims Murray stopped talking ... and Sade claims she could hear someone "coughing" followed by a "mumbling of voices."

As TMZ previously reported, Murray told police he was on the phone with someone for a solid 5 minutes before he noticed something was wrong with MJ and got off the phone.

Prosecutors believe Murray may have known there was a problem earlier than he claims ... and may have used the time to cover up and make calls to establish his own timeline.

Conrad's Ex: He Cared More About CASH Than MJ
2/4/2011 11:30 AM PST by TMZ Staff 

Dr. Conrad Murray's ex-GF -- the one who claims she was on the phone with Murray while MJ was dying -- believes Conrad only agreed to become Michael's doctor so he could pay off the women in his life.

Sade Anding sat down for another on-camera interview this week -- and explained, "He took a big part in being Michael's doctor ... but I feel he didn't just take it as being his friend, he also took it as in after finding out all these different girls, and his lifestyle, he took it as in the money to help him out as well."

She added, "[Murray] was more thinking of how the money can help him and how it can change him and give him the life that he wants ... instead of really worrying about the main person and why you're having the job ... which is Michael."

As we previously reported, Murray has been linked to multiple women around the time of MJ's death -- and has had ongoing legal issues for failing to pay child support.

Super Bowl Half-Time Show -- A Look Back
2/6/2011 12:03 AM PST by TMZ Staff 

Take a magical trip back in time and check out some of the past Super Bowl half time performances.

Conrad Murray Trial To Be Televised
2/7/2011 3:30 PM PST by TMZ Staff

Dr. Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial in the death of Michael Jackson will be televised.

Judge Michael Pastor handed down the surprise order today.

The trial will not only put the spotlight on Jackson's death, but the manner in which the medical community treats celebrities.

Opening statements should begin the first week in April.

Dr. Murray's Defense: MJ Was In Failing Health
2/8/2011 12:55 AM PST by TMZ Staff 

Michael Jackson was in such a weakened state before he died ... it's unfair to blame his death on Propofol ...and we've learned this is precisely what lawyers for Dr. Conrad Murray will argue to a jury.

Sources familiar with the case tell TMZ ... Dr. Murray's team will argue that at the time of his death, Jackson's body was failing him ... partly because he  was "driven over the edge" by AEG to rehearse for his upcoming tour.

We're told Murray's lawyers will call witnesses to testify that Jackson was not showing up for rehearsals -- and when he did show, he was exhibiting "clear signs" of failing health.

The upshot of the defense ... even if jurors believe Dr. Murray administered the fatal dose of Propofol, Jackson was already in failing health.

But as TMZ has already reported ... Dr. Murray's lawyers will argue Jackson himself administered the fatal dose of Propofol to himself when Murray was out of the room.

The trial begins in April.

Michael Jackson: Do You Want Fries With That?
2/15/2011 1:00 AM PST by TMZ Staff 

Michael Jackson was so worried he couldn't perform his London concerts in 2009 ... he worried out loud he would end up working behind the counter at McDonald's.

Karen Faye -- Michael's hairstylist for a quarter century -- was interviewed by LAPD detectives days after MJ died ... and TMZ has learned what she said to police.

Faye told cops, "He was scared to death because AEG was funding everything.  He said he would have to work at McDonalds if he didn't do these shows."

Faye also told investigators she believed Michael was "self-sabotaging" with drugs because he couldn't do all 50 shows.  Faye said she believed Michael needed psychological help because he was losing so much weight -- adding, "I thought he was under the influence of something."

Faye says Michael's assistant told her MJ was seeing Dr. Arnold Klein 3 to 4 times a week and was exhibiting signs of drug use.  Days before Michael died, when MJ seemed to be more lucid, she asked Michael's manager if he knew why Michael had taken a turn for the better.  His response, according to Faye -- "'Cause Klein is out of town."

Dr. Murray Keeps Nevada Medical License
2/15/2011 6:00 AM PST by TMZ Staff

Conrad Murray just cashed in on some Vegas luck -- because TMZ has learned he can keep practicing medicine in Nevada.

Sources at the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners tell us ... "Nevada law does not currently allow us to swipe his license just because a judge ruled on it."

As we previously reported -- Murray's California medical license was recently suspended as a condition of bail in his manslaughter case.

The Texas Medical Board has yet to decide what to do with the Doc's license.

Dr. Murray Dodged Wrongful Death Lawsuit in 2007
2/16/2011 12:45 AM PST by TMZ Staff 

Michael Jackson wasn't the first patient to die while in Dr. Murray's care -- in fact, TMZ has learned MJ investigators spoke with the son of a former Murray patient who BLAMES the doc for killing his dad in a botched surgery.

Months after MJ's death, LAPD detectives spoke with Gerard White -- whose father died 6 days after Dr. Murray operated on his heart in Las Vegas back in 2007.

White told investigators Murray not only botched the surgery and ripped a hole in his dad's heart -- but he failed to recognize obvious, tell-tale signs that his patient was fatally wounded.

Gerard told investigators he and his family contacted a lawyer to go after Dr. Murray -- but they couldn't find an attorney who would take the case because there wasn't enough money to be made.

Gerard also said that after his father died, Murray did "exactly what he's doing in the Jackson case" ... because he never attempted to speak with his family members about the situation.

Murray's rep tell TMZ Gerard's story is "hearsay and totally unsubstantiated."

The rep adds, "Murray has medical insurance for lawsuits. If an attorney thought Gerard White had a case he surely could have been paid.  The fact that White couldn’t find a lawyer to take the case tells me White's claims most likely had no merit."

MJ Estate Made $310 MILLION Since Michael Died
2/17/2011 1:50 PM PST by TMZ Staff

The Michael Jackson estate has made more than $310 million since MJ died back in 2009 ... this according to legal documents obtained by TMZ.

TMZ has obtained the first accounting that MJ executors filed ... showing exactly how much money Michael owed when he passed away on June 25, 2009 ... and how much the estate has made since -- and the numbers are astounding.

According to the documents, MJ had more than $400 million in various debts when he died ... but the estate has already made more than $310 million since.

Documents show excecutors have already spent roughly $159 mil paying back various debts, income taxes and other expenses such as providing "uninterrupted support for Mrs. [Katherine] Jackson and Michael Jackson's children as Michael intended."

The estate has also paid for Katherine to make "substantial improvements" to the family's famous Havenhurst estate in Encino, CA.

Executors have also shelled out cash to "pay last illness and funeral and memorial service expenses."

In addition to the $400 million in debt -- MJ's estate had $40 million in liabilities to concert promoter AEG stemming from the "This Is It" tour ... which MJ was rehearsing for when he died.

The documents show the estate received more than 65 creditor's claims -- with some of the debt accruing interest at "extremely high" rates.

The MJ executors admit the estate still faces several lawsuits in multiple countries.

The executors also claim they have "successfully rebuilt and enhanced Michael Jackson's image" since they've been empowered to run the estate.

Dr. Conrad Murray -- 'I'm NOT Guilty'
2/18/2011 6:50 AM PST by TMZ Staff 

Dr. Conrad Murray was in L.A. last night ... rehearsing the three magic words he and his defense team will utter over and over again once the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial begins ... "I'm not guilty."

Jermaine's Ex Shopping Jackson Reality Show
2/18/2011 2:54 PM PST by TMZ Staff 

Alejandra Jackson -- baby mama to Jermaine and Randy -- still refuses to move out of the Jackson family compound ... but she is ready to spill family's secrets on a new reality show ... for the right price.

Sources close to Alejandra tell us she's in talks with several producing partners to star in a reality show along with her children. As we previously reported, she's also working on a tell-all book -- and we're told she's currently looking for a writer.

TMZ broke the story ... last month the Michael Jackson estate asked a judge to remove Alejandra and her kids -- Jaafar, Jermajesty, Genevieve, Donte and Randy Jr. -- from the home.

That came after Alejandra turned down Katherine's request to leave the house so it could be renovated. Katherine offered Alejandra a condo if she signed a confidentiality agreement -- but Alejandra refused. Confidentiality agreements and tell-all books don't go well together.

We're told Alejandra feels she needs to make money -- from the reality show and the book -- because the fathers of her children are behind on support payments. For instance, Jermaine owes Alejandra almost $100,000 in back child support.

A hearing on whether Alejandra has to leave the house is set for March 15.

MJ's Kids -- Murray Couldn't Have Killed Our Dad
2/20/2011 1:00 AM PST by TMZ Staff

Michael Jackson's children refused to believe their dad died of a heart attack -- because MJ used to RAVE that Dr. Murray was the BEST doctor on EARTH ... TMZ has learned.

MJ's former nanny, Grace Rwaramba, spoke with LAPD investigators in the months after Michael died  ... and explained how Murray became a "regular" around the house when the singer lived in Vegas ... coming by at least two times a week.

Grace told investigators Michael would constantly brag about Murray in front of the kids -- and that's why after he died, the kids would say, "There's no way daddy could have died of a heart attack because Dr. Murray is the best doctor in the whole world."

Grace also said Michael first met Murray through a member of MJ's security team ... and explained  MJ felt he could trust Murray, because the security guy claimed he had some sort of mysterious leverage over the doc.

Grace offered no further explanation about the mysterious leverage.

And here's another bombshell -- Grace says that during a family trip to Florida, the kids called 911 when they discovered MJ "passed out" in their hotel room. It's unclear when the incident took place.

MJ Music Video Shoot Takes Over Hollywood
2/22/2011 7:00 AM PST by TMZ Staff 

The ghost of Michael Jackson upstaged the "Rock of Ages" show in Hollywood last night.

Sources tell TMZ Sony is currently shooting two Michael Jackson videos in Hollywood -- the one above is a music video for "Hollywood Tonight."

It wasn't exactly being shot on the down-low ... a crew of 60 lined the sidewalk and the street in front of the Pantages Theatre.

MJ Music Video Chicks -- Pretty Young Things!
2/24/2011 12:35 AM PST by TMZ Staff 

Even from the grave, Michael Jackson can still pull a crowd of hot chicks -- like the ones who squeezed into some very short skirts for an MJ music video shoot in Hollywood this week.

TMZ obtained some photos from the set of the "Hollywood Tonight" video shot inside Colony nightclub.

As we previously reported, the ladies joined up with a bunch of other dancers to perform a routine on Hollywood Blvd. a few nights ago ... if you haven't checked it out by now, click here.

Michael Jackson's Kids -- We Wanna Be Like Daddy!
2/24/2011 6:25 AM PST by TMZ Staff 

Michael Jackson's children wanna moonwalk in their dad's footsteps ... so they told "Good Morning America."

GMA is running an interview with Katherine Jackson and the kids tomorrow -- in which MJ's mom explains how Prince, Paris and Blanket have all "adjusted pretty well" to life without their famous father.

The kids also reveal their career plans -- saying they want to "continue what our dad was doing." Paris added, "I'm thinking about auditioning for a play."

MJ's Kids -- We've Got a UCLA Education!
2/25/2011 5:45 AM PST by TMZ Staff 

Michael Jackson's 3 kids have already had a taste of the college life ... revealing that a UCLA film teacher used to come to their home to conduct private classes ... and even flew to Ireland to help the gang make a movie.

The kids sat down with "Good Morning America" this morning -- where they also revealed that their favorite school subjects are "gym and lunch."

Still, 14-year-old Prince says he's already thinking about his career ... insisting, "I'm looking at a couple of opportunities in show business ... mostly producing."

In Hollywood, it ain't what ya know ...

MJ's Kids Give Away $10,000 to Honor Dad
2/26/2011 12:50 AM PST by TMZ Staff 

Michael Jackson's children definitely have the bug -- the one that makes you give away large sums of money -- because they just helped make a $10,000 donation to one of MJ's favorite charities.

Earlier this week, Prince, Paris, and Blanket presented a check for $10K to the L.A. Housing Corporation -- a group that provides shelter for homeless families. Sources tell us Michael used to take his kids to volunteer with the group.

We're told the massive chunk o' change came from grandma Katherine Jackson's memorabilia biz.

MJ's heirs made the donation on behalf of his Heal the World Foundation. All three of them joined the group's Youth Board of Advisors last year.

New Michael Jackson Video, Starring ... YOU
2/28/2011 6:27 AM PST by TMZ Staff 

The people at Sony are coming up with all sorts of ways to cover up for the fact they don't have Michael Jackson to star in his new music videos -- and now they want his fans to fill the void. launched a project that recruits fans to upload and edit their own clips -- and the best ones will be used in the actual video for the song "Behind the Mask."

The Behind the Mask Project begins March 7 and is open to boys and girls [s:15nhop4x]of all ages[/s:15nhop4x] ages 13 and up.

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Re: TMZ Full Recap Part 22 - February 2011

  • on: March 21, 2011, 06:04:07 AM
Thank you Souza for posting this full recap.. blessings.
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Re: TMZ Full Recap Part 22 - February 2011

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Thank you for posting this information. I'll need to spend time reviewing these. I'm still baffled at the one where the kids are giving money on behalf of Heal the World - when it was thought that MJ no longer had associations with that organization. Blessings.
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