March 24, 2011: Jury Selection for Murray Trial Starts

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Re: March 28, 2011: Murray Trial Starts

  • on: February 14, 2011, 02:48:15 AM
Quote from: "bec"
I agree with PureLove.

for the sake of my heart and mind I'm still keeping my scepticism.

This I don't understand. I have to do the exact opposite. For the sake of my mind I can't live in denial and pretend this isn't a hoax. Sure would be easier to pretend it wasn't happening and go on with my life.

And if you want to bring up the more sentient side, I do not accept that Michael Jackson WAS a drug addict neglectful father, who made foolish, risky decisions, and hired a bad Doctor, and knowingly put his own life in danger, after living for a decade in massive debt due to lavish spending despite having 3 young children as a single parent, forcing him to agree to perform despite his poor physical health rather then simply release another album or DVD, which also indicates that he has no business sense either, nor any advisers with any business sense. Because if you think he's dead that's exactly what you accept is the truth about who he WAS. There is no middle ground.

Exactly Bec....I so agree with you on this. I personally do not believe that Michael was this gullible to let these
foolish things happen. That is why we must have the upmost faith that he is doing this for a greater purpose.
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