March 24, 2011: Jury Selection for Murray Trial Starts

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Re: March 28, 2011: Murray Trial Starts

  • on: February 12, 2011, 09:59:35 PM
Quote from: "PureLove"
Quote from: "alovesmichael"
Doesn't the fact there'll actually be a trial make you question things? Every date can be connected to a random historical event so I don't get it...

Not being difficult or anything but isn't there anyone that thinks about what a real life trial actually involves? i'm curious...

Are you kidding me? :lol: This courtroom looks more like a kindergarten to me with all the toys around. And you think the trial can be real? :lol:

The pic of the courtroom kills me.  Is it 'Toys 'R Us' court? LOL  This is totally Michael and his love of animals.
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