O2 Guy and MJ - differences

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Re: O2 Guy and MJ - differences

  • on: January 29, 2011, 09:47:01 AM
I don't think the guy at O2 was Michael. What really shocks me is the sudden transition.
Before O2, he was pale and thin with a slight cleft. Then at the O2 Conference, suddenly he is very well built, muscles and all, with a tan and a deep cleft.

This could be explained by surgery, sure. Klein mentioned he was going to fix him up, or something like that.

I would have believed this were Michael at O2, if just a few months later he looked the same. But during the TII rehearsals, he's back to being pale and frail again. Thats too big of a transition. No way he can go back and forth between appearances that way.
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