Marco Ricci (Imperstonator- Please let me know what they say

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Before anyone says he is one of the doubles in TII - this video is so funny. He dances and he gets entangled in the transmitter and rips it off him. Then he starts dancing and in a minute undoes his laces by mistake and stops dancing because he might trip and fall  :lol:

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Marco says "...But Michael Jackson is not dead!"
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Hmm...I am one of those who doubt the double theory, but stopping the first  video at exactly :49 seconds makes me think again...those hands and that chin...

Edit** Nah, nevermind...thats why you should wear loafers if dancing like MJ  :lol:
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I agree that this impersonator does not look the best in the world (but here in Italy he is the official one) and I am suspicious about some things that I saw and I heard in this interview.

About the first video posted by simalves, I would add other things:

After saying that Michael Jackson is alive, Marco Ricci laughed (min. 1.58)

(Min.2.53-3.13), there is a strange dialogue between the presenter(journalist) Sposini and Marco Ricci

Presenter: are you  a nurse?
Ricci: I was
Presenter: ah, no more? You just do the double of MJ
Ricci: yes
Presenter: Yes, there is nothing wrong
Ricci: We can say that I stopped the work of the nurse for a couple of years, then I’ll do it again, because honestly I can not do both things.

 (min.2.49- 2:54) Ricci says he is committed  8 hours (every day?) until 2010.

I wanted to add that even the ears of Ricci make me suspicious about the possible double in TII, and more than this, you can not see it in this video, but when Ricci  greeted at the end of the interview, he made a movement of the head and arms  that was very similar to a pose of MJ in  the conference O2 in London.

I say that if in TII there were doubles, I think it was because MJ wanted them to entertain the audience (we know MJ is also ironic) and also to give a chance to his impersonators to work for him or work with him at least once in their life (we know that MJ has a big heart).

Maybe this interview is not important, but maybe these are not coincidences.

I hope you understand what I mean.
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He's beautiful like Michael in the earlier years...but not the last of the "replicas".  The last TII one was exactly what what the paramedics saw...a hospice person.  That person was is all over his face and movements.  That person was not as articulate and took longer to speak.  His movements were slower, and look drugged.  I've known junkies, unfortunately,  and see it all over that replica.  (Just like you could see someone still using alcohol in Ted Williams.  EXTREMELY.)
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