FBI Files Will Be Released 12/22

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Re: FBI Files Will Be Released 12/22

  • on: December 19, 2009, 07:59:34 AM
I just posted this in the breaking news section, so I guess that makes two threads ;)
Anyway I posted this with it:

I read this from another poster on a forum
There aren't going to be photos from any investigation in there. That kind of information is not publicly available via the FOIA. I have Elvis' FBI files and there is absolutely NOTHING revealing or scandalous in there AT ALL. And a LOT of information in ANY FBI files is redacted--which means they black it out, because it is illegal to reveal certain types of information if it violates the Privacy Act and any citizen's right to privacy. So I'd bet every dime I have (which, granted, is not a lot) that you will not hear of a darn thing revealed that creates shock or scandal where MJ is concerned. That's not the point of the files.

Many celebrities/famous people have FBI files. If they are victims of extortion attempts (like Elvis was), they will have a file. If there were threats of kidnapping or other serious threats against them (like death threats), they will have an FBI file. In Elvis' case, when his popularity mushroomed, many people thought he was a threat to national security...because of the way he moved and what it did to young girls! That kind of stuff was in there. The more famous a person is, the larger the files tend to be.

I don't see any reason to get all worried about what is in MJ's files. You might want to read this page for a plain explanation of what's in FBI files:


The bolded part interested me, maybe it will reveal how much he was threatened and had to get away (looking at it from a hoax point of view)
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