London tribute 2010 for Jackson cancelled

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Re: London tribute 2010 for Jackson cancelled

  • on: December 23, 2009, 06:14:26 AM
Quote from: "MJJ1982"
Quote from: "Eva R"
Quote from: "MJJ1982"
Another dutch article (from de Telegraaf) says that Jermaine is looking forward to the tribute, but that he's being vague about the programm.

Well, just wait and see...

I think he is just saying that so people will still come to the show :)
But have you read it? Some people say move like michael or what ever from Kwalbert :P will not be on TV!

I saw today that the sbs6 and rtl4 programms will be shown, both on a saturday.

Kwalbert's thing is another one, isn't he working on a musical or something: mijn naam is Michael?

ppfff I have no idea.. move like michael, mijn naam is michael.. wth...  but Kwalbert said yesterday that (a date) move like michael (or so) will be on TV. So I am afraid they willsend it out.. :(
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Re: London tribute 2010 for Jackson cancelled

  • on: February 07, 2010, 05:29:13 PM
I'm ├╝ber-late with all this... crap...
I paid for the tickets in August if I remember well. prepared to go to Vienna. ok, no Vienna. it would be London. ok.
it said on the order "paid", though they dispatch the tickets approximately 2 weeks before the event. when I only think of the reason why I wanted to go in the first place! *slaps self*. being a cynic by nature I discovered a different side of me, I better not say what I had in mind...
now this is taking me back to my comfy cynical state of mind.  :evil:
would be nice to get my  1000 euros back, it's how much we paid for two tickets. and now the server of the site CANNOT BE FOUND? buTT of course...  :roll:
good that my husband talked to the guy on the phone some 3 or 4 times, they seemed to be super professional.
I have all the time in the world to wait and see. or I'll lose my patience and consult my psychic source to find out to which level all this is a bucket of b/s.
even at the cost of getting an answer I do not accept, a priori.  

sorry for ranting, but I'm going slightly mad. err... (Freddie Mercury knew stuff)

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Re: London tribute 2010 for Jackson cancelled

  • on: October 07, 2010, 12:07:54 PM
This whole thing was weird, it made Jermaine look like a fool but maybe it was to allay suspicion that he WASN'T trying to organise a tribute concert, then it conveniently falls through due to financial problems.  Still doesn't sit right with me that the greatest entertainer in the world "dies" and there's no huge tribute concert featuring all the big names past and present including those he directly influenced such as Justin Timberlake, Usher etc.  I'm quite sure they could have found time in their busy schedules to give something back to MJ, the least they could do.  I know the USA largely abandoned MJ after he was cleared in 2005 because of the media twisting everything, but still...  Also wondering still if it wasn't just Michael's finances that led to the hoax decision, after all here in the UK we had a reality show featuring the Jackson family looking for a place to live in Devon, England, and both Jermaine and LaToya taking part in the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother.  I still think the family not trying their hardest to arrange a tribute gig even for MJs birthday this year is strange. :shock:
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