My Husband Did Not Recommend Conrad Murray to MJ

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Re: My Husband Did Not Recommend Conrad Murray to MJ

  • on: December 24, 2010, 03:26:50 PM
Quote from: "msteetee34"
Quote from: "suspicious mind"
what do you suppose took so long for her to make this statement. seems like that would be something you would be in a hurry to make straight imo

Yeah that's what I was thinking too.  Why did she wait so long to come out and say something?  Why now?  It seem like everything is unraveling piece by piece.

Some people are the private type and don't pay much attention to the media. And if this lady (James Brown's wife) and the Jacksons knew & know the truth, why would she rush to correct some inaccurate press reports? I don't find it extraordinary that she didn't say or care much...
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