Debunking the final words from Marlon & Jermaine at memorial

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Now that so much time has passed since the 7.7.09, things seem a little more clearer.


"I was his VOICE and BACKBONE"  "I had his BACK" so did the family.

"I stand here trying to find words of comfort, solice, trying to understand why the lord has taken our brother, to return home from such a short visit here on earth.

Michael, when you left us, a part of me went with you, and a part of you will live forever within me, but also a part of you will live forever within all of us.  

Michael, I will treasure the good times, the fun we had..singing, dancing, laughing.

I can remember when we use to come home from school and we would grab a quick bite to eat and we'd try to watch the "Three Stooges" as much of it as possible before mother would come in and say "it's time to go to the "RECORDING STUDIO" .

I also Michael ,remember a time when I went into the record store, and there was this MAN, purchasing alot of CD's..he would go over a grab another batch of CD's.

He was an older gentleman, he had short afro, buck crooked teeth, and his clothes were rumpled.  I walked up behind him and said " Michael, what are you doing in this store"
He turned to me and said "Marlon, how did you know it was me?"
I told him "You're my brother. I can spot you anywhere, regardless of your makeup"
"I know your walk, I know your body language and those shoes did not help"
Michael wore the same shoes wherever we went. But I guess that was his way of trying to experience what we take for granted.  We will never, never understand what he endured.  Not being able to walk across a street without a crowd gathering around him.  Being judged, ridiculed.  How much pain can one take. Maybe now Michael, they will leave you alone....(applaud..)

Michael was the voice of our angelic trumpets, and he will continue to be the voice, that angelic voice in heaven, nearest to our creator, and waiting us, when our day comes to pass.  Michael I love you.  I'll miss when we said our goodbyes.  I would hug and say "I love you" and your response was "I love you more".  
You know the lord has a purpose for everything, and sometime we just cant see it or understand it, but it will be made clear to us when we reach the ultimate, ultimate reward of being in his presence. And Michael your there. You're right there.  You have finished your work here on earth and the lord has called for you to come home with him.  So I thank you Michael. I thank you for all the SMILES that you placed in many peoples hearts...and I thankyou for everything that you've done for others across this globe in the lords name.  And I have one request Michael, one request.  I would like for you to give our brother, my twin brother Brandon, a hug for me. I love you Michael and I'll miss you.  

1.  Jermaine has always been the one to drop clues...he was the one instructed to talk on MJ's behalf. He is his VOICE...    He also mentions "BACK"

2.  I love the story Marlon talks about.  Kinda strange on the day, but now it makes alot more sense.  The old man disguises etc.  He also mentions the SHOES alot.  We have been spending months trying to debunk the double theory, and there we have Marlon talking about knowing MJ's  walk, body language etc.  and we have been analysing the strange walk and body language of the 02 guy...  Now alot of the redirects have been "from the bible", and Marlon talks and quotes so much from the bible and you know how difficult it has been for us to try and understand it all, or the purpose of it..Marlon said " sometime we just cant see it or understand it, but it will be made clear to us when we reach the ultimate, ultimate reward of being in his presence." Maybe he means when we finally see him when he returns...

Feedback would be much appreciated...God bless and love you all  xoxxo

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Thank you for bringing this up again. Sometimes it takes a little distance in time in order to see things a little clearer. Hindsight is 20/20 they say...

I'm not sure if you are right but what you interpret could very well be the intention of their words. I thought it odd that Jermaine said he was Michael's voice and had his back as I didn't understand Jermaine to hold that role in Michael's life. Maybe I am wrong because I didn't follow the family that close. Just my observation so I always that his words to be odd but in your context it makes more sense. Kind of like the Prince comment to Oprah about walking the beach of Bahrain drinking Coke and eating Skittles. To the normal person it sounds sweet but to those that have paid attention we are doing a double play because those words hold a different meaning.

I didn't find Marlon's comments so far fetched which were disturbing to me. However, you do have a great point about his making mention of the disguise and the walk, the shoes, etc. I am beginning to think they are all dropping subliminal hints to be picked up by those that are willing to open their heart and mind to the possibility that there could be double meaning in their words.

The only one that still confuses me is Katherine. I'm surprised that she is playing as big a roll as she is. But if my son endured the abuse that Michael has I would be doing the same thing if given the chance.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. You are appreciated. Blessings.
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To me they seem just "too happy" while speaking about their brother...  :?
But I guess everybody takes a death of a relative in a different way...

Do you think Jermaine could be BACK from MJJCommunity? I'm not sure if he is capable of using such a sophisticated language... But I might be wrong...
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I also thought at the time that Jermaine's choice of words was a little strange, but then the whole memorial seemed like a film production to me.  I'd never thought of him as being Michael's right-hand man, and what he said made Michael seem pretty fragile and weak which is what we were supposed to believe he was prior to his "death".  I also felt maybe it would have caused some resentment among the other members of the family who could have felt he was giving himself greater prominince (announcing the death at the hospital, singing Smile etc).  That would only make sense though if MJ were really gone (and not just to the airport!).  Jermaine, Janet, Joe, Marlon and LaToya took over the speaking duties and performing duties at first, then we had the other brothers, Rebbie and the rest of the family all take their places on the "stage". They do say the world's a stage, and it certainly has been for the entire Jackson family since June 2009. As for Jermaine possibly being BACK, why not? I think he is a very articulate man, and he was obviously Michael's choice to be his voice after he made his exit.
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