Possible Assisted Suicide

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Re: Possible Assisted Suicide

  • on: December 19, 2009, 11:03:34 PM
I hate this topic.  It makes me sad.  I don't ever want to think that Michael would think killing himself was a way out of anything.  He loved those children too much for me to believe that he would do this to them.  I do believe that Michael was in pain because of the medical conditions he had.  They are painful.  If he felt that no one was really able to help him, that would be tragic because as well traveled as Michael was, surely there were some doctors in other countries even who would have been a much better fit for him than Dr. Murray.  Now that decision on whose ever part I just cannot understand.  I believe that Michael loved life, however, he was possibly depressed a lot because he could not live it the way he wanted to as he got older.  (ooh I LOVE the maturing Michael) And the 02 Arena shows, he flat out was not into doing them.  Not after they tricked him into 50.  I guess Michael proved to them that he ain't no freakin 3rd rate act who they could push around nor be forced into following their lead.  50 shows, hee-hee, he showed them who the boss was all along.  I guess they kinda got it twisted. I wish I could feel content that he was somewhere getting his swerve on 8-) and enjoying a happy, healthy existence.   But for some reason, I don't think that is the case.  Alive, yes.  Happy, I don't know the answer.
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