Bullfights of bulls: kill for fun

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Bullfights of bulls: kill for fun

  • on: November 04, 2010, 09:59:28 AM
Are an art bullfighting? Are equal the bull and the Bullfighter when they face in the arena? We always think Yes.

Perhaps you've heard that the feast of the bulls is an art, but it is not... It is a science... the science of torture.
Nothing in the fiesta brava is genuine, only pain.
Create courageous but is not, has strong character. 24 hours before entering the arena, the Bull has been subjected to a confinement in the dark so that release, the light and the cries of the spectators aterren it and try to flee jumping barriers, which produces the image in the public that the Bull is fierce, but the natural condition of the torus is flee not attack. Also are you have cut the horns to protect the Bullfighter. Sandbags hung you around the neck for hours.

Beat him in the testes and kidneys induced Le diarrhoea to put sulphates in water you drank all this is so that becomes weak to the arena and in complete disarray. He has smeared fat eyes to hinder his vision and in the legs was a substance which he produces burning and prevents you from staying quietly, so the Bullfighter not desluce his performance.
The picks horses are chosen to horses which have no commercial value, by which the animal dies in 3 or 4 run at most, it is very common for the animal to suffer multiple broken ribs or destripamientos. Placed a bib simulating protect them, but actually it is the public not see wounds the horse that often presents exhibition of viscera.

The work of the picadorIf the Bullfighter perceives the bull embiste with great energy, instructs the picador do their job: consisting of bleed the bull to weaken it, nailing in filet a spear which destroys muscles (Trapeze, romboideo, espinoso, semiespinoso serratos and transversus neck) injured blood vessels and nerves.
This is for Bullfighter can provide artistic expression supposed must have this show. A single puyazo could destroy the bull, that is done in three times "for greater enjoyment of the hobby".

The banderillasThe banderillas ensure bleeding to follow. You try to place them right on the same site already damaged with metal hooks. The hook is moved within the wound with every movement of the bull and rubbing the crutch, the weight of the banderillas precisely has that function.
Some flags have a Harpoon cm and are called "of punishment", which is submitted bull when he has managed to evade the Spear of the picador. The banderillas prolong the tear and deepening of the internal wounds. There is no limit to the number of banderillazos: as many as they are necessary for tearing the bull skin and tissues.

Demonstrating value
Blood loss and injuries in the backbone prevents Bull lift head as normal, and it is when the Bullfighter can bring. Bull already near exhaustion, bullfighter unconcerned already in danger and you can afford to retire Bull after a particularly artistic, pass throwing out your chest and strutting to receive the applause of the public when the bull reaches this plaintive State, the matador enters the arena into a celebration of bravery and machismo, facing a bull exhausted, dying and confused.

The sword
The Bull is crossed with a sword from 80 cm in length, which can destroy him the liver, lung, pleura, etc., according to the place where penetrates in the body of the animal in fact, when destroys large artery, the Bull is dying with enormous vomiting blood. Of killing, if the bull runs with a little luck dies of a stroke, but not as we think of a sword heart if not sword penetrate lungs and diaphragm, sometimes a major artery and hence bleeding appreciated the snout and the mouth. Sometimes die drowned in his own blood.

Torture continues: the bull into a desperate to survive, attempt refuses to fall, and is often painfully geared towards the door we did enter, looking for a
output to both pain and abuse. But then stabbed it in the neck with the final, another long sword that ends in a knife 10 cm. Despite these terrible torments, animal usually does not die immediately by his great strength, but eventually falls to the ground, because the sword has been destroying their internal organs.
Cowardly killers: torture continues, topping it with short of 10 cm. with trying to slice the spinal cord, the height of the vertebrae atlas and axis. Bull becomes paralyzed, powerless even perform movements with the respiratory muscles, so die choking, often drowned in his own blood to him.
exits GLUGs from mouth and nose.

Drag: after destroy you the vertebrae, the bull loses control over his body from the neck down, however upwards is kept intact, so this conscious of the horror and how is dragged outside the arena. Don't be indifferent to its pain does verging to see the tears pouring? Don't be participant in these events, isn't human witness, these traditions do not go with the 21st century.
Reflects; "sorry to animals is intimately linked with the goodness of character, so that it can be said of insurance, that who is cruel to animals cannot be good person". Schopenhauer.
Only sicópatas enjoyed, tu no eres one reflects Disclaimer, this is a tradition that do not should continue.

How can you help?
Not attend bullfights.
Not apoyes politicians, artists and communicators associated with this barbarism.
Not consumas products of companies that sponsor them.
But most importantly... Teach your children respect by living beings.
People for the animal defense, a.c. (GEPDA)

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Re: Bullfights of bulls: kill for fun

  • on: November 04, 2010, 10:35:14 AM
The cruelty and the sadism in his maxim expression



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