The clues from a different side !!

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The clues from a different side !!

  • on: October 02, 2010, 11:42:13 AM
I am sure that MJ has left a lot of clues in purpose to make us know that he is a live , but on the other hand i think that some of those cluse are put to misdirect us ...

...because i dont think he wanted us to be aware of every thing that he plans to do , that would be dangerous to his safety and to the whole hoax .
I hope that u understand what my point is .
Something is missing and not wright !!!  
I think we should start looking at the clues from a different side !! :arrow:
I really believe that There are many sides of views to the same storie.
The storie that tills us he is a live and among us .

For example please allow me to start with this one :
At 00:14 When MJ said "because .... !!!"
Alot of people think that he laughed and did not contenu because he knew whats coming "The hoax"
But the truth is he laughed because a girl screamed " I love u michael " !!
Its time that we need to clear things up to git to the truth .
What he really left for us as cluse and not just something that  we imagen and create by our own minds.
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