Huge clues that TII was always going to be a movie - credits

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Okay I just got done watching TII and I slowed down the credits so I could read them all. The first thing I noticed was that almost every song in it was written by Michael. But that's
not the main thing I noticed. I noticed that they wre giving credit to Columbia Pictures for some of the films used in TII. Here they are:

Dead Reckoning - I believe this movie was discussed on another thread for some other reason, but I looked up the plot and all I really noticed was that someone died and had a ton of clues left behind. I found it weird that I never saw any scenes of this in TII, as was the same with many of these films.

Glida - This one is obvious, a man fakes his death and cones back to take his revenge. You can find the similarities easily on this one.

His Girl Friday - Uh, I didn't see any part of this movie in TII again, soo... ? But, honestly there isn't really anything in this one that can be related to Michael except in the plot it says "he uses every trick in his fedora". That's pretty clear I'd say.

In a Lonely Place - I have no idea where this was in TII once again. Really there is not anything in this movie I can pinpoint as suspicious but still.. Why is it credited?

Tokyo Joe - Same as as the last nothing very suspicious but why is it credited?

The Whole Town's Been Talking - This one talks a lot about 'doubles' and people that look like each other soo.. Also, why is it credited?

And finally THE most suspicious part of it all...

Suddenly Last Summer - This appeared on Lightman, it was a shot from the scene where Elizabeth Taylor is telling her aunt how her cousin was murdered (the previous summer hence the title) and that he was gay. The aunt calls her crazy even though he knows it is true, but to hide the truth she attempts to have the girl lobotomised. This reminds me of when Arnold Klein claimed that one man was Michael's lover. To top it all off, Elizabeth Taylor was even involved by commenting on it via Twitter. Also Katherine Hepburn played the aunt in this, who was a dear friend of Michael if you recall. And the film was released one year after Michael was born.

I'd say these are some pretty hefty clues, eh?
Tell me what you think.
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Those movies all appear in the black&white scene of Smooth Criminal.
It's not only Gilda, but Gilda mixed with other movies - that's why they're credited.
I can't remember on which forum it was posted, but there was a very elaborate post about all the old movies, that appeared during SC and possible clues in them.
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Also why would they go to all this expense and equipment for just 10 shows (which was the original deal).... seems alot of props, people and all for just 10 shows and why O2 - could have had it in Vegas.... this was definitely a movie and his illusion and magic is still continuing to surprise us!
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