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Re: Okay, I am out

  • on: December 13, 2009, 05:27:05 AM
Quote from: "Happy Feet"
Thats funny  :) , but to each their own B/Corn. Seriously I understand your dilemma and I do agree some of the theories out there are pretty farout and unbelievable. Borderline err...crazy (no offense to anyone). I'm one of the few that have always believed that if Michael did truely hoax his death, it would have to be for genuine reasons.  The claims to world government conspiracies, spiritual enlightment, saving the planet and Michael being a Godlike/Christlike figure etc, I've never believed in. However if people believe that, then that's ok. I don't have all the answers  either so who am I to pass judgement. I have never looked for clues (if there really are any) or followed people claiming to know insider info or a deeper understanding of this or Michael himself. For me, I have relied on the inconsistenies that I and others have uncovered through our own efforts of research and nothing else. The inconsistenices  and contradictions of everything and everyone surrounding Michaels death.    Michael died (in his room, in front of Prince, in the Dr bed). The inconsistenices of the alledged autopsy reports and observations by friends and co-workers (he was skinny, he was healthy, he was fit and strong, he was weak and emaciated, he was clean, he was a druggie, he was stressed, he was happy). Janet finding out Michael had died (whilst on set during filming, in the air travelling to atlanta, at home in the morning).  Photos of him in the ambulance do not match the original description from the paramedics.  Closed casket at public memorial supposedly due to damage to Michaels face during CPR, but supposed private viewing at supposed funerarl Sep 3?  At time of death reported he was 112 1bs, however Oct report says 136 1bs. Hmmm.... nothing like dying to improve your overall health and appearance I  guess  :lol: 3 death certificates (no one has verified if they have been signed by a Dr or Coroner) And the list goes on and on.  I have yet to be given or shown clear and undisputable evidence that Michael has really died.

Although I may not agree with everything said in these forums, I think some of the research done by others here has been remarkable, particularly when they are looking for and discovering facts in the inconsistencies and contradictions. There are some genuinely excellent investigators here.

I wish you all the best.

Well said...I feel exactly the same.  

Insults are uncalled for...just skip the posts that seem "crazy".  That's what I do.  ;)
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I will always love you Michael!


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