James Brown Funeral vs MJ Funeral. Feel the difference

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Is it normal in the USA to have an open casket at a funeral?  Is that the custom?
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Quote from: "Miss.Peppers"
Is it normal in the USA to have an open casket at a funeral?  Is that the custom?

Totally depends on the deceased/ family's wishes. There is no hard and fast rule/ custom on this. Obviously closed caskets occur when there is severe trauma to the body.
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Michael is alive!! thats it!!
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With Such Confusions Dont It Make You Wanna Scream!!

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But I thought (although we may never be able to prove this ) that the family had open casket at the private burial? Remember all the footage on television shut off after MJ's casket arrived?
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Quote from: "Secret Dove"
Quote from: "mjboogie"
Also another point remember when it was said that MJ would go into UCLA to watch operations on patients or something like that? Maybe certain things regarding the human body just fascinated him!  Shoot I am trying to picture MJ in a doctors uniform LOL!! :)

WTH? :o  :shock:  MJ went into the operating room to watch operations on patients? I never herd that! Where did you hear that he did that?

Yes that's true, he visited a lot of operations in UCLA.
So, they knew him there very good there, they will never let strangers watch operations, another clue that UCLA is involved in the hoax.
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Quote from: "MJJ1982"

Yes that's true, he visited a lot of operations in UCLA.
So, they knew him there very good there, they will never let strangers watch operations, another clue that UCLA is involved in the hoax.

Interesting...... Could explain why paparazzi-Benjamin said in an interview that ''with Michael there is always drama.. always visiting hospitals''... UCLA and Benjamin, definitely involved.
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Regarding James Brown's "death" here is a list of the most obvious and striking “coincidences” compared to Michael's "death":

1.   SAME DEATH DAYS – 25th
9.   MJ’s SPEECH at James’ Brown’s funeral is similar
to Paris’ speech at MJ’s funeral.

[ see this article:Paris' speech at Michael's memorial - my "translation" + other Observations(clues?) - http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=201008306622861 ]

^^ !!! ERROR CORRECTION (sorry!): Paris's speech was the 7th July and not on the 7th of September as I wrongfully marked in this photo...

Interesting links to explore:[/u]

1. Michael Jackson: gold plated coffin like James Brown's Michael Jackson's £15,000 gold plated coffin is the same as the one used for singer James Brown. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/michael-jackson/5744343/Michael-Jackson-gold-plated-coffin-like-James-Browns.html
2. Dr. Conrad Murray - Michael Jackson Doctor and the Godfather of Soul James Brown - http://www.nationalledger.com/pop-culture-news/dr-conrad-murray-michael-ja-192659.shtml
3. 'James Brown and ELVIS' - An EIN spotlight on these two kindred spirits - http://www.elvisinfonet.com/spotlight_james_brown.html
4. Michael Jackson Alive- Coffin and Tombs!! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKTWrIGQLeQ

5. hahaha :))) Read this article! there are 2 pages... From the article: "Jackson also inquired about the coffin and how it was chosen. "He wanted to go into our casket room," Reid said. Reid showed him various models. Jackson did not say so, but Reid could not help feeling that the star was contemplating his own demise, studying Brown in death as intently as he had in life."He asked who requested the gold-plated casket," Reid said. "I said, 'Well, it's the family's decision.' He asked if that's something Mr. Brown wanted. I said, 'Entertainers, they always say solid gold.'" Jackson laughed[/color] [he laughed!?? lmao!! ] and they returned to the chapel." - http://articles.nydailynews.com/2009-06-28/news/17925847_1_charles-reid-james-brown-michael-jackson

looll Even without this article ^^ it's enough to look at MJ's face at James Brown's funeral , his smile, it says everything! adorable prankster!! The evidence of his facial expressions, also body language, search on the Internet all the photos from James Brown's funeral! there are also videos... Michael really acted strange lol I mean look at these pics..they seem to be at a party! and he's together with whom?? reverends Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson his 2 friends, "partners in crime" forever! lolll I just love their faces! MJ cannot contain his laughter!

6. I guess the movie that Lindsay Lohan is gonna play in next year is the KEY-answer to all these mystery "INDIGO deaths" (meaning IDENTICAL deaths) - the blue color, especially dark blue that we can see present in MJ, Elvis and James Brown clothing is also an indicative of their similarities.... "indigo deaths" is the right term! remember the O2 Arena?? Do you know how that hall is also called?? Indigo Arena!! All 3 of them had or were supposed to have shows in the O2 arena!!! -Look here the official page!!:http://www.theo2.co.uk/indigo2/index.html and then look here the announcement about Elvis show which is supposed to happen next year!! Elvis Presley in Concert 2012 at The O2 Arena on Friday 16th Mar 2012 - http://www.theo2.co.uk/event/elvis-presley-in-concert-2012-20120316.html

7. Plot Summary for Escaping the Game (2012) - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0275594/plotsummary
"According to reports Lindsay Lohan has nabbed a role in an movie titled “Escaping The Game”. This is a golden opportunity for her as she will be starring along side one of the lead actors from “The Amazing Spiderman” Chris Zylka. The story is about celebrities who are so overwhelmed by fame they fake their deaths and move to a remote island. Ironically, Lindsay will be playing a detective pursuing the truth behind all of these famous disappearances.It sounds like Lindsay landed the lead character in this movie and that is great for her. The shooting is said to be starting in the summer and take place in the US and Spain."
Well guess who the director of the movie is?? Brett Ratner !! - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0275594/ So, let's resume this: This movie is about celebrities who want to escape their fame and the media circus by appealing to the services of a secret company who helps them fake their death and escape to a remote ocean island. The main character is Lindsay Lohan!! and the director, Michael's good old friend! well yeahhh!!! read the whole plot of the movie, it's really interesting - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0275594/plotsummary ----)) IF YOU want to READ more on this... here's my article: "Michael Jackson alive ♥ DUBAI Palm ISLAND Theory and CLUES - http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=208889525834739


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