Weird Taj Jackson shopping site...Check it out!

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Re: Weird Taj Jackson shopping site...Check it out!

  • on: December 14, 2009, 10:39:06 AM
Quote from: "mjthelegendlives"
Quote from: "Kirsche"
what a crap!! if It's really Nona's Shop...then IDK ..she's crazy!

Who would buy shirt like that??? Every dumbass could print shit like that on his shirt himself!

I'll tweet this link to Tito...

Exactly my point sane MJ fan would buy a t shirt with some of those messages printed on them, especially coming from her.  Some of her messages are a huge V (V for vendetta?), and other messages about Scientology. I don't think she has something to do with the hoax, but who knows if she's reading these forums.

oo ooo ..
this is not good ..
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