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  • on: December 11, 2009, 05:44:05 PM
Well friends this is something I've been thinking a long time.
And today we have a blog, including already put your name here, this was spoken.
See snippets of text, it is long then summed up, then you tell me what you think.
Michael wants me to make money, he is offering parts that does not interest him more.

"Everything was perfect and be walking like a dream. But in the meantime, also the goods that were at Neverland were about to be auctioned. Also because of debts in the past, Michael delivered them to the Julien's Auctions, who concocted the catalogs and auctions, in principle, be held in April this year. Surprisingly, in March this year, the company Michael has filed suit to stop the auctions, which gave a fright to the representatives of Julien's.
One of their representatives, was moved to ask: If Michael did not want to sell some goods, that gave us?
Process going, behold, Michael, suddenly dies. And then, in November, the auction finally took place, without opposition from family or administrators of the estate of Michael. But how? If he did not want the auction to happen, why no one tried to avoid them?
Hence, we had the news that one of the biggest winners of the auction was a representative of a hotel in Macau, Ponte 16, which, among several items, he won his most famous: the glove used in the performance of Billie Jean, the show celebrating to Motown 25, when Michael had, for the first time, the "moonwalk". That is, the most coveted item of the collection, by its meaning, for it was that day that Michael has become a legend.
Now we go to another version, the unofficial: who knocked down the gauntlet and other valuable items from the collection of Michael Jackson was the Hotel Ponte 16, right? Sure. Well, following my own advice, to investigate who finished up, I did a search on that hotel and found that it is part of the Sofitel, which has hotels in almost every country in the world.
Give this information:
http://www.prlog.org/10169176-macaus-5- ... front.html
KNOW WHO owns the Sofitel ???????? COMPANY COLONY !!!!!!!!!!!
That's right !!!!!!!!! That, of Tom Barrak, who joined Michael last year and bought the debt that weighed on Neverland.
True, Colony owns Accor, a company that brings together a group of network of hotels and such of them as the Sofitel. Look at the site of the Colony:
Well, in short: who bought the property was a hotel that is part of a company which, in turn, is part of another who is a member of Michael's other business" :?:
Dear friends forget something important!
Text and Research owns ANDREA DUARTE.
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  • on: December 12, 2009, 09:41:57 PM
Angelica ask that you please give due credit to this text, because, as you know, the text is mine and was copied from the blog of Tony Ramos. I am not against you bring it, but I have to give credit because I know how laborious is a search. On this subject, I left a message for you there.
A hug.

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